Woolies enlists customers in war effort 

Vladimir Putin must be shaking in his fur-lined boots at news that Woolworths has joined efforts to support embattled Ukraine.

Gushing stories in News Crap newspapers and its online news.com.au tell readers that Woollies is renaming its own-brand chicken Kiev products as chicken Kyiv to avoid the Russian version of the Ukrainian capital’s name.

Not only that, but the stories say that as part of the efforts by Woollies to help out in the current conflict, it plans to donate 50 cents to the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal over the next four weeks for every one of its chicken Kyiv own-brand products it sells. (pictured)

Now hang on for just a moment. Let’s get this straight.

Woolworths is changing the name of a product to make a point against a foreign aggressor invading a neighbour. Fair enough.

But from the information in the News Crap stories the retail giant is not actually giving any of its own money.

The 50 cents apiece for every chick Kyiv sold is obviously coming from customers, not Woollies.

So is the company actually putting its own cash on the table? We guess it’s not. The whole point of the story is to increase sales for Woollies.

The news.com story also says that “so far, the retail chain has internally fundraised about $10,000 for the appeal.”.

“Internally fundraised”? We guess that must mean it’s been asking staff to kick in too.

Our MGH researchers have a simple message to Woollies: Don’t try to claim you are giving money to the Red Cross. It’s your customers and staff who are doing that.

If you want to support Red Cross relief efforts, make a donation out of your own profits not your customers’ or employees’ pockets.


Our Media Glass House teams have previously pointed out News Crap Australia’s efforts to run  blatant free plugs masquerading as news stories about the nation’s biggest supermarket chains who happen to be some of the nation’s biggest advertisers.

Another current example on news.com tells readers about a new “must buy” Easter item made by a well-known chocolate company now available at Coles.

The “news” story about the “new” item reveals it’s just a variation on a Easter egg usually marketed by the chocolate company but which has a filling requiring it to be stocked in supermarket freezers. Woo hoo! Big news there!

Not only that, but the “must try” description came from a social media account that itself seems to be based 100% on retail product plugs.


There seems no end to the ongoing campaign by News Corp Australia’s national broadshit The Australian to destroy the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The release last week of the latest ratings for the nation’s major radio stations and key programs was another opportunity for The Australian to continue denigrating the national broadcaster for the blatant commercial aim of seeing it shut down or sold to Rupert Murdoch.

The Australian, of course, found an anti-ABC angle in the ratings figures and ran a story accordingly focussing on a drop in audience share for two ABC Radio breakfast shows in Sydney and Melbourne.  (pictured)

What the paper ignored was the fact ABC Radio breakfast shows in Adelaide and Brisbane won their timeslots.

 So a headline such as “Mixed results for ABC in radio ratings” would have been more factual.

But, of course, when there is a commercial imperative involved, News Corp Australia never lets the facts get in the way.


The staff list of the national broadshit is infested with loyal News Corp Employees willing to do Rupert’s bidding when it comes to attacking the national broadcaster to enhance his corporate and personal commercial interests.

But it seems none is as loyal and willing to do his boss’s bidding than Gerard Henderson whose output these days appears to consist of almost 100% anti-ABC vitriol.

Just a couple of weeks ago the Media Glass House ran an item taking the piss out of Gerard after he rushed to upload an online column attacking the ABC and denigrating its medical expert Dr Norman Swan within hours of  the good doctor’s appearance on Radio National’s Breakfast show. (pictured)

This week Gerard was at it again, this time in the print edition of The Oz where he devoted his column to lambasting a range of ABC staff members and their alleged green-left bias. (pictured)

At the same time he vigorously defended News Corp’s right-wing cesspit masquerading as a media outlet in the USA, otherwise known as Fox News.

Once again we wonder what Gerard does with the few spare minutes of the day he seemingly doesn’t devote to keeping tabs on and bashing the ABC at the behest of his boss.

Also one again we beseech him to get a life, for the sake of his own health if nothing else.