Sky host calls out punters


A former right-wing senator and now right-wing Sky News “after dark” commentator has responded angrily to a deluge of unsolicited phone calls he has received in the past few days.

Cory Bernardi, a South Australian senator from 2002 to 2020 representing the Liberal Party and later his own now-defunct Australian Conservatives, said he had been “mercilessly pestered” by calls from complete strangers seeking personal information.

“The calls started coming in on my mobile phone about a week ago,” he told The Bug in a phone interview. “But in the past 48 hours they have ramped up considerably.

“They have all been from people who admit they are in the betting game – either bookies or punters.

“They all ask me if it’s true that I’m 52 years old and then ask about my general state of health, explaining that they are either wanting to place a bet or frame a market.

“They all then inevitably go on to mutter something about events happening in threes.

“Some even admit that they have high hopes of me being the third. I’m not really a betting man so I’m not sure what all that means.

“I just wish the calls would stop. It’s driving me mad. It’s so stressful. Jesus, there goes the ‘call waiting’ beeps again. Fucking hell,” Mr Bernardi said before hanging up.