Top tool uses wrong tool

As each week flies by and the looming federal election looms closer, Smoko Morrison’s photo-ops just get weirder and sillier and sadder.

The Twitterverse amused itself mightily with the one where Smoko pretended to mop up an already cleaned basketball court in Brisbane using a dry mop for fluff and stuff, so for this week’s Tweet of the Week, we selected (Jenny) “Charmaine” Frecklington-Jones @Jon…

Others having a dig at that particular moronic photo-op from our Prime Moron were Catherine (Cate/Cat) Perry @CatPurry9 and Mark Dickenson a new govt OK, a new system better! @bu…

Sandra N @attempt57 got stuck into the PM over a separate photo-op.

Many twitterers took great joy out of the PM’s desperate attempts to avoid angry flood victims when he finally visited Lismore, Brisbane and Gympie.

Paul Meek @PaulMeekPerth held out high hopes for what might happen on Lismore City’s devastated streets. Paul at that time wasn’t to know what lengths the gutless, cowardly, Smoko would go to to avoid Unquiet Australians.

Andrew P Street @AndrewPStreet didn’t miss the fact that the PM also tried his best to freeze the media out of his official photographer’s frame.

Of course, while Smoko Morrison was shuffling along streets protected by ADF personnel, Bridget McKenzie was making a fool of herself every time she opened up her mouth and tried to explain why the $4.8 billion emergency response fund barrel couldn’t be cracked open, as it presumably was only to be used for once-in-10,000-years fire, flood or cyclone events.

nordacious @noracious impressed our judges with this wonderful meme.

And Mal Peters @peters_malcolm chimed in too.

The role of the military in helping flood victims remained a hot media topic at this post was being prepared, and Mob @Mobsy1812 asked a very valid question….

Jaclyn McCosker @JaclynMcCosker was short, sharp and to the point.

On a separate issue that showed how Dave Sharma possesses a complete lack of class or style or decency or honesty or political courage, Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep went in hard over the (don’t mention Liberal!) member for Wentworth over his use of the teal colour adopted by his independent opponent Allegra Spender.

Sharma’s “nobody owns a colour” was but one of a number of excuses for his teal-coloured pamphlets, none of which made any sense whatsoever.

Would you Buggers mind if we finish off with some more having a swipe at arguably Australia’s worse PM ever?

A big thanks to Sociable Socialist @Neopseudo, Max ‘Tri-vaxed’ Pendleton @MaxPendelton and Occupy Centrelink @OccupyMyGov