PM joins in Mardi Gras fun


It has been revealed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison took part in last weekend’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras while in COVID isolation at Kirribilli House.

Photographic evidence of his participation has been provided to The Bug by a nearby resident who asked that their identity remain secret.

“I was taking my dog for his usual daily walk on Saturday evening and as we passed Kirribilli House I noticed the PM marching up and down the driveway, so I took a few pics on my mobile phone,” the eyewitness said. (main picture)

“I thought it was odd because of how he was dressed and the fact that I could hear him muttering to himself as he marched.

“He kept on repeating different phrases and dismissing them one by one.

“First he said ‘axis of evil’ and shook his head. Then he said ‘axis of arseholes’ but I could hear him swear to himself as he obviously didn’t like that phrase.

“He then muttered ‘meridian of madmen’ but again swore to himself, then ‘frontier of fuckwits’ quickly followed by ‘cluster of cunts’ but clearly none of those was what he was looking for.

‘But then he yelled ‘arc of autocracy’! He started saying it over and over again and almost sounded hysterical.”

After receiving the local resident’s photographs The Bug contacted the Prime Minister’s Office and a spokesperson confirmed that Mr Morrison had taken part virtually in the Mardi Gras.

“The Mardi Gras is something the PM likes to support each year, well at least each year that precedes an election,” the spokesperson said.

“If you recall he did march in person just before the May 2019 federal election, proudly dressed as ‘Cookie Engadine’ in tribute to his electorate and the time he was pissed and shit his pants at Maccas.” (pictured)

The spokesperson said the Prime Minister had been looking forward to marching in person at the Mardi Gras as a new character he had dubbed “Leather Daddy of the Nation” but his COVID isolation meant he could participate only virtually.