Grant sees red over Russian claim

A young man who was thrown out of last night’s QandA episode on the ABC by host Stan Grant for defending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked a biding war among major mainstream media players.

Sasha Gillies-Lekakis (above left) claimed that of the 13,000 people who have died in Donetsk and Luhansk since 2014, most were Russian citizens killed by Ukrainian military and aligned Nazi groups.

The Bug understands Gillies-Lekakis has been offered a cadetship at Sky News Australia, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph.

One of those outlet’s senior editors told The Bug on condition of anonymity: “With his total, illogical, one-sided reading of Ukrainian events, Sasha would be a perfect fit for us.”

Feelers have reportedly also been put out by SMH editor Bevan Shields who, as one senior colleague put it: “If there’s anyone in our trade who knows when something has been completely fabricated and yet is shamelessly persisted with for the basest of propaganda purposes, it’s Bevo”.


A Melbourne man has called on his fellow Australians to join him in a campaign of personal sanctions against Russia in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine.

Dick Scratch, 57 of Ringwood, said anyone could mount their own personal protest if they were prepared to make some simple sacrifices to help damage the Russian economy.

“For instance I’ve stopped buying Russian vodka and instead of risking swapping to other brands made in other countries that might be allies of Vladimir Putin I’ve been brewing my own,” Mr Scratch said.

“All it took is a bag of spuds, water, a packet of barley, and a bathtub,” he said.

“I’ve already made a dozen bottles and apart from loosening a few tooth fillings, temporary blindness, hair loss, and explosive diarrhoea it tastes pretty good and has quite a kick.

“I’ve also cancelled all of my subscriptions to Russian porn sites which, for me, is a big sacrifice,” Mr Scratch said.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has clarified his intentions in relation to Liberal Party preselections in NSW for the coming federal election.

Speaking by telephone from self-imposed COVID isolation at Kirribilli House in Sydney, Mr Morrison said his statements on the issue had been misinterpreted.

“When I mentioned intervention people thought I mean federal intervention by the Liberal Party,” Mr Morrison said, “But in fact I was talking about divine intervention.

“I hope this will happen any day now,” he added before he began chanting a stream of guttural gibberish and apparently dropping the phone as he raised both of his arms heavenward.

Below: Even when laid low by COVID-19, a plucky and defiant Scott Morrison continues to pour over maps showing the major NSW federal electorates that are the subject of bitter pre-selection disputes between federal and NSW Liberals, including, at left, Dobell, near Jervis Bay, and Hughes which takes in all of Kangaroo Island.