Let’s see red right now! Lots of it!

It just breaks my heart to see that 65km-long crowded convoy of Russian tanks, surface-to-air missiles, other weaponry and troops outside of Kiev in Ukraine, stalled apparently by lack of fuel and food supplies.

They’re sitting ducks for goodness sake so why aren’t NATO nations bombing the shit out of them right bloody now?

But, oh, no. The likes of Britain, France and Germany are sitting on their pathetic, ineffective, useless, mamby-pamby arses, patiently waiting for sanctions to work against Vlad the Bad Putin.

What? They can’t go in and blow this Commie convoy to kingdom come because Ukraine is not a NATO member yet?

Best wait until Ukraine is lost and a belligerent and bellicose Russia sits flush up against the likes of Poland?

It’s sheer madness, of course. Vlad the Mad has rolled into Ukraine because he couldn’t accept the notion of a NATO wannabe on his border? But he’ll be happy with Poland who joined NATO in 1999 as his new neighbour?

Hell-fucking-O, NATO! Because, guess what, my European sweethearts? World War 3 is coming whether we like it or not. So why not kick it off on our terms, with a grateful Ukraine still aligned with the west and keen to join NATO and the European Union?

And why is WW3 just around the corner?

No-other columnist is prepared to ask the bleeding obvious so I’ll do it for them.
What’s going to happen in the unlikely event sanctions actually work and the West starts to cripple Russia financially and militarily and its people start to starve even more than they are now?

Putin’s as mad as a cut snake and he’ll provoke a wider European war faster than he can down a top-shelf bottle of Ruskie vodka, his usual breakfast tipple. Well, the provocation will come as soon as his Ukraine is fully fortified and highly defended.

Western Europe’s choice is clear: it can either end up with egg on its face later in having to fight through Russian Ukraine – one of Europe’s largest countries – on its march on Moscow or muck in now and blow that Russian convoy back to the Kremlin where it belongs – and give that other Commie despot China’s Xi Jingping something to think about too in the process!

Fuck, I’d love to be at the controls of a NATO fighter jet or bomber right now, turning that frozen highway leading to Kiev a bright bloody red.

Readers might not know why I ended up as probably the fourth estate’s most astute observer worldwide of international affairs. I had always longed for a military career myself, until that dream was sadly shattered by a diagnosis of bone spurs in both feet during my teenage years.