Plea to Premier on masks


A Brisbane ventriloquist is pleading with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to reverse a decision to scrap the COVID mask mandate due to expire at 6.00 pm today.

Angus Slater, 32 of New Farm, (main picture) said he feared his career would evaporate once masks were no longer compulsory.

“Two years ago I was working as a waiter in the hospitality industry until my job disappeared in the pandemic shutdowns,” Mr Slater said.

“But one day when I faced becoming homeless because I couldn’t pay the rent, I struck on the idea of busking as a ventriloquist.

“I searched Gumtree and found a retired ventriloquist selling his old dummy named Robertson, or Robertson Gordon to give him his full name, and we started performing around the city.

“There was recently a bit of a wobble when a major national bookstore chain let their lawyers loose onto me and threatened to sue over the name I was using for my act which they claimed infringed their copyright.

“So I’ve renamed the act Slater & Gordon to be on the safe side.

“I’ve got to say ventriloquism has been a lot easier than I thought. Piece of piss really, plus I made a lot more money than when I was a waiter.

“Naturally I want to continue my new career so I’m appealing to the Premier to keep the mask mandate,” Mr Slater said.

Robertson agreed, saying: “If masks are banned, we’re fucked.”