What fresh hill is this?

What fresh hill is this, indeed! That’s the message Patricia Barraclough @PMBarraclough offered when she tweeted on February 21 with a montage of her excellent Benny Hill/Scott Morrison series of memes.

The next day, this retired ABC identity, animal lover and award-winning photographer and dear friend of The Bug updated her montage (above) and that’s the one that our Tweet of the Week judges have draped the blue riband over as this week’s champion.

Last night’s Newspoll has reconfirmed what The Bug has argued for a long time: when a leader is publicly ridiculed as much as Smoko has been of recent months, the bloke’s toast politically.

Especially if the dullard keeps thinking stupid photo-ops over the next 90 days will prove his salvation.

Smoko’s other problem, of course, is that a lot of times he opens his mouth, it’s like the intake pipe at the local sewage works has busted wide open.

And thus it was that when he talked the other day about Australia being an astronaut nation, Vince O’Grady @vogrady2132 offered this with the help of a graphic mate…..

And just to show that Benny Hill is not the only string to Patricia Barraclough’s bow aimed viciously with poisoned arrows at Smoko, she also offered this…

Others having a dig at the man who desperately wants to continue being prime minister without doing prime minister were Peter Klages @PeterKlages and Kent Parkstreet @thespecialbka

Two tweeterers who caught our eye and who perhaps were dairy farmers in a past life were Angry Goddess 2 @AngryGoddessx2 and Solo Monk @JJKALE2

And just as a line was about to be drawn under this week’s entries, along came news that the Spud with Dead Eyes had promoted a go-fund-me page that he hopes will help in his re-election … oops, sorry … will help flood victims in south-east Queensland.

Mainstream politics scribe Malcolm Farr @farrm51 summed up the issue rather well…

Others equally aggrieved were Kalias Wild @kailaswild and Dan @DanONeill68 …

And let’s finish off with a hearty laugh … and by that, of course, we mean Lord Downer of Adelaide Hills, with the inimitable Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton1 lauding the former Foreign Minister’s amazing perspicacity when it comes to predicting world events…..

And the heartfelt “Somebody make it stop” plea from RonniSalt @RonniSalt moved our judges too.

Oh, bugger it. Let’s keep kicking Smoko when he’s down and out where he belongs. To really finish off, here’s Jacoby @adamjacoby putting in the Jacoby boot. OUCH!!!!