Crowds gather at Clive Palmer’s house


Queensland Police have confirmed that officers last night responded to complaints from neighbours of Clive Palmer about crowds gathered outside the Gold Coast home of the would-be senator and chair of the United Australia Party.

A police spokesperson said officers attended the scene after receiving calls from several people living in the same street near Mr Palmer’s mansion. (main picture)

“The neighbours who rang police said they believed the hundreds of people in their street were there for a spontaneous vigil for Mr Palmer following news yesterday that he had tested positive to COVID and also had pneumonia,” the spokesperson said.

“But when our officers arrived at the scene they discovered it wasn’t a vigil at all but a large number  of betting rings packed with punters wagering on when Mr Palmer might drop dead from either of the potentially fatal conditions.

“The officers were quite amazed that so many people had turned out to place their bets even in the torrential rain that the region has been experiencing.

“Some of the betting rings were being run by former employees of Mr Palmer’s Townsville nickel refinery who had to rely on court action to receive their legal entitlements years after losing their jobs when the operation shut down a few years back even though in the interim Mr Palmer had sufficient company funds to promote his then Palmer United Party.

“Others taking bets were people whose relatives or friends have died from COVID-19 and are angry at Mr Palmer’s promotion of crackpot theories about the risk of getting vaccinated and vaccine mandates.

“Still others were just annoyed at his persistent UAP text messaging and his daily misleading media ads giving credence to anti-vax ideas and also propping up right-wing outlets owned by another right-wing turd, Rupert Murdoch.”

STOP PRESS: Online betting agency Palmerbet has contacted The Bug to say it is not running a book on Palmer’s prospects.