Strew-Ruth …Garner does it again!

What’s there not to fucking like about fucking Ruthie?

I’m referring, of course, to Ruth Langmore, the not-so-southern trailer trash who fucking well has stolen every single fucking scene she’s ever been fucking in over the four-season fucking journey of the Netflix series Ozark.

She’s ended the current season right in centre frame where she fucking belongs, heading off to kill some fucking sociopathic Mexican wannabe-drug warlord who killed her fucking mate.

You just know you wouldn’t want to be in his fucking shoes because Ruthie’s gonna just blow his fucking head clean off, and she probably won’t even need the shotgun cradled in her hand to achieve that.

Ruthie, of course, is played by actress and model Julia Garner, who has won, and fucking deservedly too, a brace of Emmy awards for her role.

Well, dear reader, seeing I’m terribly late with this review and you might be the last to know, Ruthie – sorry, Julia Garner – has reemerged in a fucking new Netflix show, Inventing Fucking Anna. Sorry, Inventing Anna.

Garner’s character in this doesn’t say “fuck” quite as much as Ruthie loves to but does make up for it with a “cunt” thrown in every now and then for good measure.

For this newish Netflix project, Garner uses some sort of fucking weird Russian-German accent and it’s not always consistent but I don’t think that viewers should mark her down because of that.

And why should it matter anyway? Garner lets it rip as sociopathic grifter Anna Delvey, bunging on the German heiress persona to con the business and social glitterati in the Big Apple and elsewhere across the Altered States. You wouldn’t mind her fleecing them for every lousy cent they’ve never worked had to earn but she coldly and ruthie-lessly rips off her working-class friends as well.

A largely female cast work their fucking tits off to bring this story to the stream, including Anna Deavere Smith who has come a long way, downhill, since The West Wing from 2000 to 2006.

Sorry, that’s a cheap fucking shot. She’s just got fat and old. I should talk. I truly think she still looks lovely so please don’t write in!

Among the blokes, Anders Holm gives the remarkable impression that he’s still on the set of the 2015 The Intern as he reprises the trying-to-be-supportive hubbie to Anna Chlumsky who plays the journalist delving into this extraordinary con-woman’s cunning ways.

Is Anna simply devilishly devious or totally delusional? She seems to have a knack of getting people to care for her, even when they cotton on to who she really is and that she’s taken them on a costly ride.

Like a lot of Netflix projects it’s probably an episode or two too fucking long. The temptation to do that is always there when you’re spending up fucking bigtime on production values.

But it’s still great fun. Look out for the creative ways the producers let us know at the start of each episode that it’s all completely based on a true story, apart from all the bits that are fucking well made up.

Don Gordon-Brown.