Is RPM spinning no more?

Have The Sydney Morning Herald and its federal political pollster Resolve Strategic parted ways?

Or, as the MGH suspects is more likely, are this month’s findings so horrific for the Morrison government that Peter Costello, chair of Nine Entertainment Co. that owns the masthead, has ordered a recount?

It’s now Tuesday morning, February 22, and by the MGH’s reckoning, the Resolve Political Monitor conducted for the Herald mastheads by Resolve Strategic should have been out in the field late last week and the responses well and truly collated by now.

The results in past months have not always made the Monday SMH print edition around this time of the month but the likes of David Crowe have generally managed to report the findings on line before they’ve appeared in print the next day.

And yet here we are and all we’re hearing is … crickets.

Of course, we could just ask Resolve Strategic what the fuck’s happening but where’s the fun in that?

Or we could ask the SMH editor Bevan Shields to respond but he was too busy yesterday doing the NSW and Federal governments’ bidding by blaming the transport unions for yesterday’s rail “strike”.

What a fine leader he’s going to be for all the troops at the SMH. What an inspiration! What professionalism! What a shame the troops there can’t show some guts and lock out the prick.

STOP PRESS: Almost on cue, David Crowe’s online report on this month’s RPM poll has just lobbed! The MGH still wonders why an expensive poll can’t be highlighted in the paper’s print edition as early as possible. Does the SMH have no faith in their printed week-day product to be first with breaking news?

One tiny little word….

Words should still mean something in the craft of journalism and used carefully, right?

Below is an example of how one tiny little word makes all the difference. It’s from InQueensland’s website. on Monday.

See how the circular saw murder is accepted as fact. A circular saw murder took place and the MGH is wondering why Queensland taxpayers should now stump up for an entirely unnecessary Magistrates Court committal hearing and an expensive and time-consuming Supreme Court trial down the track.

Man charged with circular saw murder would have been the way to go back when words meant something in the craft. At least give the poor bastard charged a chance, if he’s not entirely innocent anyway, of being slotted for manslaughter or reckless endangerment or failing to use safety goggles while operating a mechanical device or something similar.

Labouring a point…

This item is not having a dig at the latest edition of The Sun-Herald; rather the repulsive, worker-hating, selfish fat slug who advertises with it.

Wouldn’t you think that the man who in a few short months will have total control over the nation’s incoming prime minister, Craig Kelly (insert sustained canned laughter here) would hire an advertising agency that at the very least can get the name of the country’s largest single political party right?

When you’re going to spend more than $100 million to try to keep in power the side of politics more likely to approve mine applications and the like, it surely must still be important for one’s credibility and as one of the nation’s living treasures, to get things right. Even if they’re very right.