MP brushes off risks

The Liberal Party federal MP who earlier this month revealed his use of the drug ivermectin to ward off coronavirus says he has suffered few if any side effects.

Russell Broadbent, who holds the Victorian seat of Monash, said he knew the risks involved but if anything he had noticed only positive changes in his physical wellbeing since starting to take the drug which is not approved for use in COVID-19 cases and is usually used to rid animals such as horses of parasites including worms.

When interviewed outside his electorate office at Warragul in eastern Victoria Mr Broadbent said he “felt better than ever” before spreading his legs and urinating forcefully on the footpath. (main picture)

“In fact last Saturday when I attended the Woolamai races in my electorate I couldn’t help jumping the rails just before the start of race four and giving the field a run for its money,” he said.

“I gave it my best but ended up not placing, but still coming a creditable fifth.”


Royal household staff at Windsor Castle have cast doubt on official statements that Queen Elizabeth II has contracted COVID.

British media outlets have reported that the anonymous staff members have claimed that the statement declaring that Her Majesty had contracted the virus and was self-isolating was released only after her second son Prince Andrew announced he planned to visit her to seek financial support for his recent US lawsuit settlement.

“It’s a bit of a stand-off,” one staffer is reported to have said. “Andrew has been holed up in a cheap motel on the motorway just outside Windsor waiting for days to see her.

“Every time he makes a move to return to his London home, Her Majesty’s doctors declare she is fully recovered but then she supposedly has a relapse when Andrew starts heading back to Windsor.

“We believe this could go on for weeks, if not months,” the staff member said.


The Daily Telegraph in Sydney has published another report highlighting Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s past links with China.

A special investigation by the newspaper’s federal political editor James Morrow has revealed that one of Mr Albanese’s favourite bands is the Foo Fighters.

“The traitorous Labor leader who is ready to sell out his country of birth to his totalitarian Chinese overlords even taunted loyal Australians by posing with a copy of one of the band’s albums,” Morrow wrote. (pictured)

The story continued: “The fact Mr Albanese favours a band with a very Chinese-sounding name is sufficient hard evidence to disqualify him from ever leading our nation.”