Has PM reached peak photo-op stupidity?

You Buggers are a prescient lot. After that creepy, highly disturbing photo emerged of Scott Morrison washing that poor hair salon employee’s hair, you had some fun as to what would come next.

Smoko trying his hand at brain surgery? Bomb defuser?

Yet, somehow, Smoko’s laughable turn as a welder at the weekend exceeded expectations. The beer and sports-loving bloke next door turned his mind to a much more technical job than rubbing some shampoo into some reluctant hair. The oxymoron became an oxywelder.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, he took the advice of his professional, taxpayer-funded, photographer and pulled up his safety visor to make sure quiet Australians everywhere knew who it was who could hold a welder.

A lot of fun was had by all, but our judges did like the short, sharp exchange at top between Queen Victoria @vic_rollinson and KailasWild @kailaswild.

But there really were no real runners-up in this and we dips our lids to Politic@l Spinner @LesStonehouse and Occupy Centrekink @OccupyMyGov

Those haunting strains of Smoko’s ukulele from last Sunday’s 60 Minutes continued to cause much mirth including the emergence – or maybe the second coming? – of the hashtag #kirribillihillbies so thanks to Kent Parkstreeet @thespecialbka and Felicity Reynolds @FlickReynolds for these two observations.

Kent above was also referring to the other big story of the week, the desperate bid by Smoko and the Potato with Dead Eyes to smash traditional bipartisanship on national security matters and paint Albanese and Labor as fellow travellers of Communist China.

The saddest part of all this was the mainstream mediocre’s willingness to give these two clowns a legup by legitimising their pathetic 50s reds-under-the-beds attack line.

Here’s timdunlop @timdunlop with a nice little summing up of events with his response to a piece of Samantha Maiden shitfuckery. You’re much, much better than that, Ms Maiden. Or at least we thought you were.

We also liked this little exchange between Peter Klages @PeterKlages and Charles Cavallaro @CharlieBubba71.

Everald Compton @EVERALDATLARGE showed the wisdom that a wonderful old age brings….

… while FRACTURED MIRROR @kjpellew had a nice little dig at Hillsong on the issue…

And Ian Hartley @IanHartley_ combined that sentiment with a reminder about how naughty our 2021 Australian of the Year had been as a 19-year-old recovering from child rape.

Taylor Jane also posted on that bong business and effortlessly blended in the Beetrooter, as you do.

Time’s running out so let’s finish with some general good’uns from Tweetering on the Edge @TheTeetering and Gay deBurgh Thew @14luxor….