Albo’s TV interview blow!


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has been forced to postpone his much-awaited 60 Minutes interview after preparations went tragically awry late last week.

I can reveal that interviewer Karl Stefanovic and the program’s top production crew were ready on Friday to tape the interview in the loungeroom of the humble inner-Sydney public housing abode where Albanese had been raised by single mom Maryanne.

The interview would have been thoroughly promoted on tonight’s program and throughout the week ahead before screening on Sunday night, Februry 17.

One of Mr Albanese’s aides told me: “Albo always knew he was on a hiding to nothing because he didn’t have a family to showcase as the Morrisons did the other Sunday night.

“Albo knows just how effective it can be out there with the voting public whenever Jenny gets her girls out.

“It was then that Albo set on a plan to lighten the mood part-way through the interview by playing the recorder he has been learning the past week or two.

“He’d gotten the song he desperately wanted to play down pretty pat but then rather stupidly realised – and Albo’s man enough to admit that – just before the interview was due to be taped that he could not sing along as he played the old Johnny Farnham hit, Sadie the Cleaning Lady from 1967.

“It’s a wonderful song in itself but it’s the words really that he wanted to convey to highlight his impoverished working-class background and the sort of work probably his dear late mum had to do to keep a roof over their heads and clothe and feed them both.

“It left Albo a shattered man and he begged Karl and the 60 Minutes team not to give the February 27 timeslot back to the Morrisons for another dreadful cream-puff piece and to give him time to go out and buy a basic, rusty, second-hand electric organ befitting his humble origins.

“‘I’ll be up to speed in no time’ he promised them.”