David still crowing about PM

It seems David Crowe just can’t help himself.

The Bug has previously called out the Sydney Morning Herald/The Age political guru for being among the many, many mainstream mediocre scribes who love to talk about how Scott Morrison singlehandedly (or almost singlehandedly) won the 2019 election through his brilliant marketing skills and on-the-hustings camera-friendly charisma and charm.

It’s all a nonsense of course but these MSM types can’t help wetting their collective pants in the presence of a winner.

At top is David’s piece in last weekend’s News Review section in the Saturday SMH.

And right there in the intro: How Morrison saved the Liberals’ bacon!

The poor prick just can’t help himself. Crowe, we’re talking about. Not the other miracle maker.

We’re not going to rerun all the dot points about what caused the outcome of the 2019 poll but Smoko’s performance on the hustings had – are you ready for this, David and so many others in the mainstream mediocre writing on politics? – FUCK ALL TO DO WITH IT!

And the little bits he had to do with it …. are you ready for this, David and so many others in the mainstream mediocre writing on politics? – WERE NOTHING TO BE FUCKING PROUD ABOUT!


When it comes to professional and balanced political coverage, we always turn to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, right?

Well, maybe not always. For example, here’s David Speers (below) on ABC Insiders on Sunday running through the results of the four state by-elections in NSW last Saturday.

Can anyone pick up the mistake in the Willoughby result?

Maybe Speers himself can help: “And finally in Gladys Berejiklian’s former seat of Willoughby a big swing against the Liberal Party … but hold on .. Labor did not contest the by-election but an independent candidate there did make deep inroads…”

It’s a crying shame that independent’s gallant two-party-preferred efforts – and she remains in the race, by the way, as counting continues – weren’t recognised by the graphics people at Aunty.

Still, NSW Labor must be pretty chuffed about their prospects at next year’s state poll, based on how well they have performed in a seat they didn’t even bother contesting.


LONDON: British newspapers are reporting that former His Royal Highness but still Prince Andrew broke into a heavy sweat when his legal advisers told him how much his out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre in his civil sex-abuse case was going to cost him.


To end this edition of our MGH we bring to your attention this headline on a story published by The Guardian Australia.

We’re not having a go at the Guardian when we say the heading falls squarely into the “tell us something we don’t know” category.