Stefanovic set to quit Nine

An angry Karl Stefanovic is set to resign from Channel 9 over production editors who turned his 60 Minutes interview with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his family on Sunday night “into a creampuff piece that a first-day journalism cadet would be shamed of”.

I’ve been good mates with Stefanovic for several decades and he often rings me when he’s had a few – we talk a lot – and I have never heard him so angry as he was last night.

He told me: “Buddy, the bastards up at Nine cut out some really good stuff from that interview. I set up Jenny beautifully and then hit her with some hard questions that had her literally blubbering.

“When I asked how she felt about the way Grace Tame treated Scottie at that Australian of the Year gathering at The Lodge, I knew she’d respond with the old ‘we always smile at visitors we’ve invited to our home’, ‘never forget good manners cost nothing’ and ‘you’ve got to show respect for the nation’s leader’ bullshit.

“It’s then that I simply spread out some photos (below) of Scottie being really dismissive or rude or bullying to people and asked quietly: ‘Well, what do you make of these then?

“You should have seen her lip quiver when I added: ‘Looks like the actions of a psycho to me!’

“And I demanded of her: ‘Besides, Jen, why should Ms Tame, a child rape survivor, be nice to a bloke she’s convinced knew from the get-go about the rape of Brittany Higgins back in April 2019 and probably steamcleaned that couch himself?’

“I said to Jen: ‘Scottie swears he didn’t know at the time so that’s pretty good evidence that he did.'”

Karl excused himself briefly to get a fresh bottle and when he returned he explained that he hadn’t let up there.

“I didn’t let her compose herself before asking bluntly: ‘And why do you reckon Scott lies so much?’

“I showed her vision of Scottie denying he had ever bagged electric vehicles and the footage every one knows about from back in the 2019 campaign where he bagged EVs over and over again and then accused Labor of lying for claiming he lied!”

“Well, she virtually collapsed in a simpering, whimpering heap and Scottie started playing Khe Sanh on his ukulele to try to get the interview on track.”

Karl has told me he’ll be submitting his resignation today unless he gets some rock-solid assurances from management.

“I’ll be seeking a promise from Peter (Nine Entertainment Co. chairman Peter Costello) that as the network’s and arguably the nation’s best investigative reporter I’ll be doing the upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Anthony Albanese and that I’m allowed to go in hard and tough against Albanese and that they’ll use all the footage.

“I’m hopeful Peter will reluctantly say yes, go for it!”