Was the chicken egged on?

Take a captain’s at the graphic used for the front page of the News Review section of last Saturday’s The Sydney Morning Herald.

That looks very much like Psych… sorry …. Scott Morrison hanging on for the ride of his life, doesn’t it?

The arrow is hurtling upwards and while we’re not sure what the arrow represents, Smoko doesn’t appear too alarmed, does he? Much better soaring high than plummeting to earth, right?

And for anyone not interested too much in politics, that surging arrow might very well be his public opinion poll ratings. More likely than galloping inflation or national debt or the rising score on the Morrison mendacometer?

So let’s now put ourselves in the mindspace of the graphic artist charged with creating that image.
And bear in mind the essay by Shane Wright is a rather dry affair about the problems facing both Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese in attracting voters to their cause in times of economic difficulty brought on by the coronavirus.

So the question has to be asked; did that graphic artist really think that image in any way reflected the general thrust of Wright’s musings. What did Wright think of it?

Was that graphic artist’s first creative thought directed to doing a much more balanced graphic with both Morrison or Albanese grappling with the ticklish issues they’ll encounter on the hustings? So many possibilities for a creative mind.

But were they then steered quite blatantly into the direction that graphic finally took, or did they instinctively know what they needed to do?

Did they just think, without any covert or overt influence, that the image would find favour further up the editorial chain, even as high as the Nine Entertainment Co. boardroom and its chair Peter Costello.

Was it just a simple chicken and egg, what came first, sort of thing.

Did they just naturally chicken out of their own accord or were they actively egged on to come up with what appeared?

Because Psych… sorry …. Smoko Morrison certainly looked like he was riding a winning curve and poor old Albanese was nowhere to be seen.

EDITOR’S NOTE: What probably disappointed the MGH most about that inappropriate and misleading graphic is that the front page of the SMH’s News Review doesn’t normally do that sort of thing.