New Volvo goes on show

PARIS: Swedish car maker Volvo has unveiled the first electric sedan developed under the leadership of its new CEO Jim Rowan who formerly headed UK-based household appliance manufacturer Dyson.

The new Volvo VAC (main picture) was revealed at the Paris Motor Show overnight.

“I’ve been very pleased to have played a key role in the development of this new battery-powered model,” Mr Rowan said.

“I am also very pleased at the reception it’s been given. I’ve heard many people at the show say they think the new Volvo really sucks, which is just fantastic.”


CANBERRA: Political commentator Peter Van Onselen says he has completed a review of every column he has ever written on federal politics following his admission that he probably should not have penned one last week in which he criticised former Australian of the Year, Grace Tame, over her encounter with Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a reception at The Lodge in Canberra. (pictured)

“Since making that admission about the Grace Tame column I have gone through my archives and reassessed every single column I have written,” he said.

“My clear conclusion is that I probably should never have written any of them because basically they’ve all been shit.

“I really have completely wasted my time and the time of anyone who has ever bothered to read them.”


LONDON: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to fight moves to oust him following the release of the independent report into alleged breaches of COVID-19 pandemic rules by the PM and his staff at No.10 Downing Street.

Mr Johnson met with Conservative Party MPs after debate in the House of Commons on the report which identified serious lapses of leadership that allowed the social gatherings to occur and the inappropriate consumption of alcohol on government premises.

After the meeting he declared he was confident he would continue as party leader.

“I say chaps, and chapettes, I am the party leader. In fact nobody throws a better party than me,” he told waiting reporters.

“In fact I’ve got a bit of a post-report shindig planned right now back at the Downing Street flat if you want to rock up.

“Should be a real wheeze, and if anyone knowns a wheeze it’s someone like me who’s had COVID.

“Oh by the way, because of what the report said you’ll have to bring a bottle.”