Grace under pressure

Anyone else bitterly disappointed with how Grace Tame reacted towards Prime Minister Scott Morrison at that Australian of the Year function in Canberra yesterday?

Personally, I found her surly looks towards the PM, her side-eyed dismissal of him and her refusal to interact with him in any way very disappointing and far from satisfactory.

It’s now up to her to explain why she didn’t follow up that calculated attitude of distaste and disapproval – maybe disgust is the better description – by kicking him in the balls as hard as she possibly could.

We all know she wanted to. Here was an intelligent young woman much loved by a majority of Australians who was repeatedly raped as a child standing within kicking distance of a man who covered up a rape in Parliament House only metres from his own prime ministerial office.

She knows that to be the truth of the matter, because Morrison has repeatedly said he didn’t know until much, much later. Case closed, really. The verdict’s in. The jury got it right.

Which means of course Morrison would have coordinated the entire response to the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins in May 2019, ensuring it was covered up with the federal election only a few months away, that Brittany was sent packing west and her alleged attacker was given some nice references. Knowing Morrison, he probably selected the company that steam-cleaned the couch at the centre of the alleged crime scene so he could get some form of kickback to make his God even prouder of him.

Grace! Grace! Grace! You were so close. Why didn’t you follow through? Shoes not pointy enough?

Some pummeling of his plums would have been totally warranted for the Brittany Higgins cover-up alone, let alone his patronising comments when you got your own AOTY gong, his “could have been shot” comments on women’s rights marches, the need for his wife to mention their daughters to try to get him to understand how awful rape is, his on-going tin ear over women’s issues generally and the absurdly transparent internal non-investigation of what he and his office knew about Bittany Higgins – and when.

All you had to do was stop suddenly as you walked past and turn to your right. You had disarmed Morrison with your studied dismissal of him so he would not have seen coming a couple of swift, well-placed kicks to his gonads that would have had you declared by many of us a living Australian treasure for the rest of your life and beyond.

And you would have had my vote for the first president of the Australian Republic when that time comes. You and Dylan Alcott could take turns year by year?

Someone who is in grave danger of not just having his balls kicked but ripped out by some very angry women should they be lucky to get close enough is one of the three Peter Van Onselens who opine on politics in this country.

The Peter van Onselen who writes for the national broadshit The Australian was right up there among all the men who heavily criticised Grace for not smiling prettily, knowing her place as a woman in polite society and behaving herself in the presence of the great man who at least one of the Van Onselens claimed many moons back is a shoo-in to win the May federal election.

The van Onselen who writes for The Oz penned that Tame had been “ungracious, rude and childish”.

“If your disdain for the man is so great [understandable perhaps] that you can’t even muster basic and common courtesy, then just don’t go,” he wrote. “But acting like a child displaying a lack of basic manners when coming face-to-face with him in a meet and greet was unbecoming and unnecessary. To look as forlorn as she did in response, rudely and deliberately looking away from the photographer, was an act of juvenile dissent.”

Like van Onselen’s balls, I’d be hanging low for a while – quite a while – just to be safe.

And while he’s in hiding, that particular Van Onselen might like to study these images of men behaving badly, surly, dismissively and very rudely and who have largely gotten away with it because they had the balls to do it.

Don Gordon-Brown