Albanese imposter arrested!

A man masquerading as Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has been tackled to the floor by federal police soon after he began speaking at the National Press Club in Canberra just after midday today.

The police moved in and took the lookalike down when Labor luminaries at the club luncheon began shouting “Imposter!” the moment the supposed Opposition Leader pledged that in his first days in office as Prime Minister, he would demand that the UK free Julian Assange and let him return to Australia.

The “Imposter!” shouts grew louder as the man at the microphone pledged to achieve zero gashouse emissions by 2034 “regardless of the cost”, release the Biolela four from community detention in Perth and allow them to settle in the Queensland town permanently and scrap the Aukus pact and buy submarines from France after all.

The real Mr Albanese was found tied up in a room near the main club venue (at top) and although shaken, managed to finish his appearance at the NPC.

Below: The Albanese imposter moments before he was taken down.