Glitch for award nominee

A technical glitch may prevent one of the shortlisted nominees for The Bug’s Australian of the Year Award for 2021 receiving the coveted prize if chosen by the judging panel.

Chair of the panel, The Bug’s finance and investment advice columnist, Morrie Bezzle, has revealed that former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian is one of the frontrunners for the award to be announced tomorrow on Australia Day.

“I don’t think I’m giving too much away when I say that the judges all recognise that Gladdy is certainly a strong contender for the award given her widely recognise gold standard of administration which unfortunately has left her facing jail time,” Mr Bezzle said.

“In recent weeks she has confined herself in isolation at her home, and not because of any effects of the ongoing pandemic,” Mr Bezzle said.

“She’s spending time in what she calls ‘solitary confinement’ in a makeshift jail cell she’s had built in her rumpus room. (main picture)

“Poor old Gladdy says some bloke called Daryl told her that when it comes to being sentenced for any wrongdoing arising from ICAC investigations she can argue for a reduced sentence because of time already served.

“I’ve tried to tell her that I tried to pull that trick way back in the 1980s when the cops were getting a bit too close for comfort in their investigations into the Fine Cotton ring-in scandal.

“I set up a replica jail cell at my place and didn’t come out of it for three months until my legal adviser told me I was wasting my time, and his. Luckily the coppers ended up not coming near me.

“Oh shit! You’d better not print that last bit about the Fine Cotton business. Make it off the record can you?” Mr Bezzle said.

Mr Bezzle said if Ms Berejiklian won the Australian of the Year Award it may be impossible to present it to her.

“The trophy just won’t fit between the bars she’s had bolted to the floor and ceiling and she asked the builders to weld the cell door locked. Still, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Mr Bezzle also confirmed to The Bug rumours that the name of former shock jock and Sky News “after dark” presenter Alan Jones had also been linked to a possible win of  the Australian of the Year Award.

“Just to clarify, it’s not Alan who’s up for the award, it’s the people who took him off air,” he explained.