Wiggles win under attack


Brisbane songwriter Vince Agarol has attacked the decision to place children’s entertainment group The Wiggles at the top spot in the ABC Radio youth station Triple-J’s “Hottest 100” listing for 2021.

Mr Agarol’s criticism followed the release at the weekend of the results of the annual poll of Triple-J listeners in which The Wiggles took out the No.1 spot with their cover version of Elephant, a 2012 hit for the  Australian rock band Tame Impala.

Mr Agarol (main picture) said the result was especially galling because Triple-J had refused to play songs he had written and sung for his as-yet unproduced rock musical about Brisbane’s notorious “poo jogger” who was caught in 2018 after defecating on dozens of strangers’ driveways in the city’s inner-southern suburbs.

“In recent years I have submitted numerous songs to Triple-J from my magnum opus, Poo Jogger: The Musical,” he said. “Yet they have refused to play any of them.

“They claim that my songs are too much like cover versions. Now, I admit I have taken inspiration from others when writing my Poo Jogger songs.

“For instance the big opening number is a song called How Do You Solve a Problem Like Diarrhoea? which I admit is based on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s  How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? from The Sound of Music.

“And the big closing number is Portaloo which was inspired by ABBA’s Waterloo and to the untrained ear does sound a bit like it.

“But I regard these, and the other songs featured in Poo Jogger as homages, and not cover versions.”

Mr Agarol said he would persist in lobbying Triple-J to play his songs.

“Triple-J says it supports Australians music and musicians, yet I hit a brick wall every time I approach them,” he said.

“I’m convinced that any of my Poo Jogger songs such as Portaloo, if played by Triple-J, would come out on top in the 2022 Hot 100.

“I’d wager it would be No.1, although I guess it’d be more appropriate if it was No.2.”