Smoko given the forklifts

Scott Morrison’s media-call brainfade – yes, which one, we hear you all calling out – about letting kids drive forklifts to get supply chains rolling and shit back on shelves brought much mirth to the Twitterverse.

There was some great memes and putdowns but our Tweet of the Week judges thought none was funnier or nailed it as cleverly as the fine, short, sharp effort (at top and below) from Glengyron @glengyron. Well done!

Pushing Glengyron close was some wonderful imagery from Metta Bhavana “the individual in question” etc, with so many etcs that we can’t run his actual twitter handle.

Doesn’t that image of Laura Tingle – one of the few real journalists left in the Australian mainstream mediocre – remind you of the cat that got the cream. And before all you ABC haters whinge about Tingle calling the government’s unannounced $16 billion election war chest corrupt, based on what Morrison and Co. did before the 2019 poll, she’s spot on. If it looks like a duck, etc etc.

Duncan Watson @DuncanWatson8 also clearly saw what Ms Tingle saw. All porkbarreling is corrupt; porkbarreling of the gold-standard used by the LNP in 2019 is doubly and most likely criminally corrupt.

As with our winning tweet, a lot of twitterers focused on the Morrison Government’s ongoing electoral pain from their refusal in mid-2021 to heed advice from many quarters and buy enough buy Rapid Antigen Tests to deal with the upsurge in COVID once borders reopened.

Queen Victoria @Vic_Rolison explained that pain bewdifully…

… as did normboy562 @normboy562 and Rachel Withers @racjelwithers.

Throwing some general barbs at Australia’s worst-ever prime minister were Part Time PM @Roscommon_Cat, Kjon34 @kjon1230, Gillian Mackie @RealGilMackie, Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplace for sheep and Elaine McKay @ElaineM11584892

Several of the entries this week focused on the ongoing rivalry between the states and the way the MSM covers that and COVID news generally. So thanks to Rachel C @rpcounat for this dig at NSW’s Boy Premier and the easy ride he’s given by Newscorpse in particular.

And Neutron @Neutron2261 reminded us all about how few deaths are needed for one side of politics especially to spend many millions of taxpayers’ money to try to destroy political reputations.

And just to remind Tweet of the Week hopefuls that anything that puts shit on Morrison always has a bloody good chance to get a run if not the top award, here’s one from Mark Dickenson etc, bloody, etc, etc etc…..