Or put another way….Labor extends lead

The big bold brickbat from today’s issue of the Media Glass House goes to the Nine Entertainment Co. Herald mastheads and their political pollster.

After the last federal election, the Herald mastheads’ new political pollster thought it was being clever or cute or coy or all three by declaring it wouldn’t be releasing two-party-preferred figures for fear average Australians might get over-excited by them.

And so it continues with today’s Resolve Political Monitor poll in the SMH (above) and The Age.

And just like back then, the MGH calls bullshit. People want to know what the 2PP figure is. And they don’t give a flying fuck if pollsters perhaps got it wrong on the eve of the 2019 election.

Australia’s main political poll, Newspoll, tinkered with its survey model and is happy to still publish 2PP figures in the hope they’ve put things right. And so they should because it’s what people interested in politics wand to read.

The Bug might very well be the only news source in Australia with a deep interest in politics who has consistently argued the pollsters didn’t get it wrong at all back in May 2019.

Very late swings are a given in Australian politics and the fat grub Clive Palmer’s $90 million plus anti-Labor ad spend across all possible platforms – by far the biggest spend in election history – finally bore late fruit in The Bug‘s opinion. That and the very late Labor death-tax scare that was the creme de la creme of the LNP’s putrid pile of porkies about Labor’s manifesto.

The primary figures from the latest Herald poll are a horror read for Morrison and the head honcho from research company Resolve Strategic admits he knows the 2PP figure.

So share it with us. We’re sensible enough and intelligent enough to deal with it as we see fit, to embrace it with glee if that is our wont, or to dismiss it out of hand.

Readers who don’t know the Resolve Strategic’s senseless and stupid approach to things – they have faith in their polling methodology and trust what people say will be their primary vote but not who they’d put second or third – could easily see the SMH splash shown at top and believe that Labor has been trailing the LNP on 2PP terms up for ever and a day – until now.

Resolve Monitor polls for some time have had Labor comfortably ahead on 2PP terms but those figures have not been disclosed because we, the general public, might get over-excited by them and come to silly but mistaken conclusions, based quite possibly on the notion that RPM – despite being a new boy on the block with clever, new, improved polling methods – isn’t as good and accurate as it think it is.

There’s already enough bullshit in Australian politics without more bullshit from a pollster who can’t put faith in its product or faith in the people it talks to!


Australia’s shift to decimal currency in 1966 was followed from the early 1970s to the early 1980s by a staged conversion to the metric system for weights and measures overseen by the Metric Conversion Board.

That means the board’s work started more than 50 years ago and was finished not that long after.

Somebody should remind ABC Online that since that time we’ve actually been deal in hectares not  acres.

This week they ran a story about “six-acre” former Brisbane caravan park site that’s set for redevelopment. (pictured)

Even if someone being interviewed references acres, surely it’s not too much to undertake a simple calculation to convert a figure to a 20th, let alone 21st, century figure?


Our MGH research teams are somewhat ashamed to admit that they were at first rather excited when they read the headline below (pictured) while scanning a recent edition of the Adelaide Advertiser.

Sadly, the story turned out to be one marking the passing of Scot Palmer, a well-known and popular sports reporter and editor who died recently at the age of 84 after a long and colourful career.

Our researchers have agreed to move on after paying their own respects to Mr Palmer and to categorise their initial reactions under either “if only” or “quite understandable”.