Smoko’s uni days recalled

The panel of elite judges that determine The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week never, ever, tire of mentioning that it loves tweets that get stuck personally into Scott Morrison.

The judges simply want to remind all those vying for this honour that three successive LNP governments – Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison – spent countless Question Time hours, on the back of a shameful $60 million taxpayer-funded royal commission that had no other purpose than to wound Bill Shorten politically – attacking Shorten’s alleged personal deficiencies.

And who will ever forget Morrison’s oft-quoted line during the 2019 election: “Bill Shorten lies. That’s all he ever does. He lies and he lies and he lies.” Almost funny in hindsight, now, right?

So like moths to a flame, our judges were drawn to some university-days reflections by one James Powditch @james_powditch

James! James! James! There was no need for two bites at the cherry. To paraphrase Renee Zellweger to Tom Cruise: “You had us at hello!”

And who would have thought, hey, that Morrison as a young man was a loathsome, layout, lazy liar?

So there you have it, potential Tweet of the Week winners! There were plenty of offerings this week on the RAT plague and Novax and other issues, and all of you could have been on the winning podium if you’d just completed your observations by calling Morrison a cunt.

Anyway, to those other worthwhile contributions. Let’s start with the Djokovic saga and we say well done to Peter Murphy @PeterWMurphy1 who summed up matters beautifully.

Some chap who goes by the moniker Barrie Cassidy @barriecassidy had a similar theme…

Kat @katsquietlife went to bat to the countless Australians whose court cases drag on for ever and a day as the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly, so much so that they seem determined to ensure that justice is never seen to be done.

… and Matt @mjf reflected on the diversion that the Joker most likely was.

And on Morrison’s latest COVID clusterfuck – his failure to get enough Rapid
Antigen Test kits available to ensure we could “let it rip” and not pay too big a price – this offering from Rene Linton @ris1771 simply dripped with sarcasm…

Let’s go back to what we said at the beginning and present this wonderful offering from (dot) Kate (dot) @katea76 who covered two of The Bug’s pet hates. Oh, (dot) Kate (dot), the blue riband was so nearly yours!

Let’s finish now with a few that just got stuck into Morrison or his ministers in general terms, simply for the stupid things they say or do. Thanks to Marylou M @mimonaghan, Sandra N @attempt57, the confusingly named CtlAltDel etc etc, bloody etc @Ctl_Alt-Del and RonniSalt @RonniSalt