Things getting beyond a joker

Can I please use this short, sharp rant to clear up something before the final decision is made later today on whether Novak Djokovic stays and plays or is sent packing.

I completely agree with mainstream mediocre commentary that the world’s No1 tennis player has never expressed anti-vax sentiments as such. Well, never strongly, anyway.


Sorry to use bold caps to stress that point but sometimes it’s the only way to get a valid point taken seriously.

All Djokovic has done is said that as a supreme athlete whose livelihood depends on maintaining peak physical fitness AT ALL TIMES, he is entitled – more than almost anyone else in the world – to refuse to take some COVID vaccination shots until the research is in on any possible long-term effects from those vaccines, be it AstraZeneca or one that works.


And won’t we all have egg on our faces if, way down the track, in decades to come, Djokovic is proven right and the vaccine he now bravely eschews gives the rest of us gullible souls some debilitating side effects such as complete blindness, sending the world on an horrific Day of the Triffids type journey, or sore knees and tennis elbow that brings our social tennis outings to a sad, permanent end, or the inability to fill out our own airport arrival documents?

I can see him nodding a defiant “I told you so!” in his Serbian old players’ home when that time comes as he practices an imaginary overhead smash.

Djokovic has only his best interests at heart. He made the conscious decision to catch COVID and take the risk of any minor health issues that might arise from that than be subjected to an untried and unproven vaccine.


I see him almost as a social worker, ignoring a mask and coughing all over children and journalists as his contribution to attaining world herd immunity as quickly as possible to this dreadful pandemic.

Okay, Djokovic might not be the sharpest tool in the Serbian shed – after all, his only claim to fame is his ability to hit a yellow-coloured piece of felt wrapped around a hollowed rubber core very, very well – but I refuse to believe he’s a self-centred, selfish moron like that horrible fat slug Clive Palmer or Australia’s next prime minister Craig Kelly.

And he might lose his temper on court more than he should for someone so rich but….. and I want to stress this point one final time….


Don Gordon-Brown