Queen plans more cuts

Her Majesty the Queen has made it clear that stripping her second son, the Duke of York, of his royal privileges and honours is just the start of some “overdue royal housekeeping”.

 My sources close to the Royal Family tell me that the Queen is unconcerned that her decision to remove Prince Andrew’s many military titles and royal patronages is being linked to his legal woes caused by his past association with US sex fiend, the late Jeffrey Epstein, and convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

“The timing of her action against Prince Andrew is entirely coincidental and has nothing to do with that cad Epstein or his fancy lady Maxwell,” one senior source close to the Throne told me.

“The truth is that for the past few years, because of the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, the Queen has been living pretty much on her own at Windsor Castle and has had time to do a lot of thinking.

“Without many events to attend she has been spending days by herself in silence just thinking, maybe breaking now and then for a cup of tea or a bite to eat.

“Lately, some of her staff were concerned that Her Majesty might have been suffering some sort of depression following the death of her husband the Duke of Edinburgh last year and that was why she seemed so withdrawn.

“But it wasn’t that at all and this week we found out that for all those long days she was thinking deeply about her own role and that of the monarchy in general and her own family members in particular.”

My royal source said it was not widely known that Her Majesty had not only taken away Prince Andrew’s titles, including his ability to style himself as His Royal Highness, but she had also personally thrown out his goods and chattels from Windsor Castle. (main picture)

“The Queen suddenly broke her silence this week and sprang into action. Quite a frenzy it was, apparently,” my royal source told me.

“As she hurled the Duke’s belongings out she broke her long silence and was chatting to anyone who came near, and to herself, about how she was determined to do some overdue royal housekeeping.

“She made it clear she was ‘slimming down’ the royal family, starting with Prince Andrew, and she also made it plain there was more to come before muttering about plans to ‘do likewise to Charles, Ann, and Edward and their sponging partners and bludging families’.

“So watch that space in the weeks and months ahead.”

My source said that Her Majesty had told one of her courtiers that she had the idea of junking  Prince Andrew’s royal decorations and entitlements after “we got rid of those loons”.

The courtier at first thought the Queen was referring to a flock of pesky waterbirds that had been eradicated after taking roost at Windsor Castle, but soon realised that Her Majesty was referring to Prince Harry and his wife the former Meghan Markle.

“Besides, we don’t really have loons in Britain, they’re more a North American species,” my source said.