More questionable content

Readers of our Media Glass House will know that our teams of researchers often take issue with the total lack of disclosure evident in stories run in News Crap Australia outlets about ventures involving News Crap Australia or its related entities.

Yet another example graced, or maybe that should be disgraced, many of Rupert Murdoch’s turdbloids this week.

Readers couldn’t help but notice the “news” stories about a politically themed quiz show set to debut on subscription service Sky TV, a News Crap Australia-related outfit. (main picture)

The story – in reality an undisguised free advertisement for Sky News – also made an appearance in online versions of the newspapers. (pictured)

The story told readers that the new program would take a light-hearted behind the scenes look at Australian politics through a quiz show format.

The “news” story – or as this column has previously said, perhaps that should be News story – also managed to throw in a few other mentions of happenings at Sky News such as couple of new documentary series.

Another mention was given to the imminent start of another new program hosted by right-wing UK political pundit Piers Morgan.

It was only that snippet that made any link to Rupert’s outfit by saying Morgan would appear on Aussie Sky screens courtesy of a deal struck with News Crap Australia’s international parent company, the US-based News Corp.

Maybe one of the questions that should be included in the first of the quiz shows is: Why is News Crap Australia so arrogant and/or unethical that it constantly fails and/or refuses to meet basic standards of disclosure?