It’s simply not cricket

Anyone else out there in Bugland growing tired of Scott Morrison’s endless, mindless, series of photo-ops in this faux election campaign of his?

The answer is many, if the responses to his appearance on Sky and then Channel 7 at the fourth Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground are any indication.

Our Tweet of the Week judges couldn’t go past this precise and simple attack on Smoko from Peter Murphy @PeterWMurphy1…

Okay, we wish Peter had used “fucking” instead of “damn” but he’s obviously a decent, restrained kind of man.

Others didn’t hold back, no doubt incensed by Smoko’s mind-boggingly stupid, meaningless yet offensive comment on 7 that the Australian bowlers were taking wickets with COVID.

Jacoby @adamajacoby used some lovely descriptive words in summing up our current PM.

Well, we think Jacoby was responding to Smoko’s appearance at the cricket but it could have really been about anything the grate man has done or said of late. He really is on a roll.

Also reacting to the Smoko’s cricket caper were Jerome etc @J3rMartin and SallyLawry @SallyLawry.

On a different subject, while the Prime Minister couldn’t give a RATs, a great favourite of ours could. Thank you, RonnSalt @RonniSalt! Bewdifully nailed, as usual.

Another Bug favourite also smelling a RAT was Jane Caro @JaneCaro

Then, of course, there was the saga of Novax (not ours, unfortunately) Djokovic’s trials and tribuilations. Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep combined a dig at the world’s No1 tennis sook with another recent tasteless Morrison photo op. Yummy!

And having a go at Smoko in general terms was Bruce Haigh @bruce_haigh

Few in the Bug’s twitterverse would disagree with any of his sentiments.