Unions: all for one or only one?

The Bug‘s Media Glass House has mentioned before that, just as a former corrupt Queensland top cop remarked that the little fishes tasted the sweetest, silly little mistakes made by the mainstream mediocre often give us some joy and are worthy of mention.

Channel 9 news on Friday night gave us this little visual gem (above) – and who doesn’t marvel at a misplaced apostrophe every now and then?

The MGH has no idea of the combined wages of Cresta Richardson, other senior office holders, organisers and industrial officers at the Queensland Teacher’s Union but they would appear to have an incredibly small workload!

To be fair, 9 News Brisbane the night before had the apostrophe in the right place.


It’s not rocket surgery, guys!

Won’t mention the TV news service – only because we forgot to jot it down and then forgot – but yet another sports journo has shown their ignorance of what “the grand slam” means.

Talking about Novax (gosh, we wish we could claim that as original!) Djokovic’s current travel woes, the journo showed footage of Djokovic winning “the grand slam” in Melbourne last year.

So, hopefully for the final time – although we doubt that very much – a simple explanation.

In each international tennis calendar year, there are four grand-slam events. If a player wins all four, he or she completes the grand slam. It’s pretty hard to do, by the way. Especially if you lose your temper and strike an on-court official with a angrily smashed ball.

The Joker did not win the grand slam by winning the Australian Open in Melbourne last January. He won a grand-slam event.

Simples, really.