Criticism a tad niggardly, perhaps?

“Well f… me,” one of the bitter old hack journos who compile The Bug’s Media Glass House exclaimed this morning.

“Who was the c…who decided to do that?”

He was referring to the decision by a sub-editor – or maybe the writer himself – to use “n…..” instead of “nigger” in the opening line of the opening paragraph by a thoughtful piece by Martin McKenzie-Murphy in today’s Sydney Morning Herald News Review section (at top).

Let’s be real and start this again, okay? The way it really happened.

“Well fuck me,” one of the bitter old hack journos who compile The Bug’s Media Glass House exclaimed this morning.

“Who was the cunt who decided to do that?”

So what’s the point we’re trying to make here?

The MGH accepts that “nigger” is not a very nice word in the 21stC world. Along with coon and darkie.

In the age of political correctness and #blacklivesmatter, the only people who can use
“nigger” are … uum… ahh…niggers talking about and among themselves.

But the MGH would extend its use in historical quotes by dreadful redneck racist cunts to show just what dreadful redneck racist cunts they were.

Besides, what’s the point of using “n……” anyway? Is there anyone left reading the SMH of an age young enough to be corrupted into using the term in a vile, disgraceful way. Heck, those young ‘uns aren’t even reading Enid Blyton anymore to noddy in agreement about how wretchedly inferior was a fictional wooden toy boy.

Do the elderly folk who are dying right now to still read printed newspapers feel better about themselves – be less offended? – if they don’t see the word nigger, even though nigger is exactly what the dreadful redneck racist cunt said back when and is what will instantly cross their minds on reading it?


ABC TV News Breakfast summer stand-in host Iskhandar Razak has been suspended after a major on-air gaffe on Wednesday morning’s program.

Razak (at left with his co-anchor Fauziah Ibrahim who thinks she’s Hamish Macdonald when interviewing Labor politicians) used the word “Netflix” instead of “a commercial pay-to-view streaming service” while commenting on the entertainment industry generally and could easily have been accused of breaking strict ABC rules and trying to cement “Netflix” as the generic term for such platforms, of which there are a growing number.

The Bug understands ABC chair Ita Buttrose noticed the blunder while monitoring the program to ensure both sides of politics were being treated unequally and rang through to the studio to stand down the presenter. It is not known how long Razak will be sidelined.