Inaugural award winner announced

Today The Bug’s Media Glass House is pleased and proud to announce the winner of its inaugural Media Glass House Scribe of the Year Award.

The new award has been made possible by a donation to The Bug by an anonymous reader who told us they had amassed a sizeable amount after cancelling all of their subscriptions to News Crap Australia-related outlets and services.

“I am pleased to be able to direct those savings to an outlet like The Bug and its Media Glass House which delivers genuine fake news of a high standard compared with the low-rent, barely disguised in-house commercial plugs, Liberal Party agitprop, and fake news dogshit Rupert serves up and expects everyone to lap up,” the donor who may or may not be a former Australian prime minister said.

The deed agreed to by the donor to establish the award allows senior editorial staff of The Bug considerable latitude in selecting a worthy recipient or recipients.

With that in mind, we are pleased to reveal that the inaugural MGH Award goes to to Niki Savva. (at left in picture during one of her guest appearances with Queensland-based musical trio the Kransky Sisters)

The award citation explains that Ms Savva was chosen for her body of work during 2021 including her decision announced in June to depart The Australian following the national broadshit’s decision to hire Liberal Party PR flak and Murdoch minion and apologist, Peta Credlin, as a weekly columnist.

Ms Savva also impressed with her regular fearless and fact-based critiques of federal political leaders including those on her own admitted conservative side of the political spectrum.

But the incident that sealed the award for the former Liberal Party ministerial and prime ministerial staffer was her insight into that party’s working as best expressed on the 5 December 2021 episode of the ABC’s Sunday morning political panel discussion program Insiders.

Viewers of the program may recall the following exchange during a discussion about the Liberal Party’s gender imbalance and the sex of the candidate likely to be picked to run at the next election to replace retiring Heath Minister Greg Hunt in the seat of Flinders:

Insiders host David Speers: I am told it’s not a female, it’s a male.

Niki Savva: Oh! I was told it’s a female.

David Speers: Well we’ll see who’s right.

Yes, David, we will, we have, and it’s not you.

As The Australian recently reported: “The Liberal Party is seeking to replace outgoing senior MPs Greg Hunt and Christian Porter with women, after lawyer, businesswoman and former political staffer Zoe McKenzie nominated unopposed in the Health Minister’s Mornington Peninsula seat of Flinders, and nurse Linda Aitken won Monday night’s preselection ballot in the former attorney-general’s Perth seat of Pearce.”

Chalk one up to Ms Savva.

The Bug’s senior staff were additionally impressed by the fact Ms Savva was able to navigate Mr Speers’ interruptions to actually make her comment, earning her several more metaphorical points towards securing the MGH of the Year Award.