Cabinet solidarity on display!


Australia’s three state Labor Premiers have fully backed Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s assertion that yesterday’s National Cabinet decision to ensure pharmacies around Australia can make a decent profit from selling Rapid Antigen Tests has no ulterior motive whatsoever.

Yesterday’s Cabinet meeting agreed that most Australians should have to pay for RAT kits, no matter how expensive and how unavailable they happened to be.

Further, Cabinet decided that to ensure guild members could order in RAT kits with confidence of being able to make a profit selling them if and when they arrive, Cabinet would never change the rules and neither the federal government nor the states and territories would ever consider giving them away, heaven forbid.

The display of solidarity shown by Annastacia Palaszczuk (Queensland), Daniel Andrews (Victoria) and Mark McGowan (Western Australia) followed the decision by Mr Morrison to return to the microphones outside Kirribilli House around lunchtime yesterday to clarify comments made at his presser half an hour earlier.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to make it clear that he would be truly horrified if the Pharmacy Guild of Australia felt any need whatsoever to respond to cabinet’s decisions that favoured the guild’s members by making donations to the LNP for the looming federal election.

“Everyone knows that both the Liberal and National Parties are terribly short of cash federally but we are confident we can put up a fair show against the Labor Party socialists without any help from the guild or any other business keen to see Australia kept in the hands of the only side of politics that knows how to manage economies well,” he said.

“Frankly, I and my ministerial colleagues would be beside ourselves if the PGA went ahead and did anything silly like making a small donation to our noble and worthwhile cause.”

In almost identical statements released overnight, the three Labor Premiers said they would also be horrified if indeed the Pharmacy Guild of Australia felt any need whatsoever to repay them in any way for their support of “decent Australian businesses just trying to survive in horrific pandemic times”.

The only differences in the three communiques were right down the bottom with the separate bank account details of each respective Labor Party branch in the three states.

STOP PRESS: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has still not decided on a price he’ll now charge to resell to the state’s struggling pharmacy outlets the 30 million RAT tests he had publicly declared earlier his government had bought and would be giving out free to all Victorians.