Vegans plan for label change


Vegan food producers have devised a top secret plan to meet foreshadowed new rules banning the use of animal-related names for plant-based food products.

A Senate inquiry led by former butcher, Queensland National Party Senator Susan McDonald, is expected to recommend that plant-based food manufacturers should not use words associated with animals on their packaging because such labels can mislead consumers.

Spokesperson for the vegan foods promotional organisation, the Australian Non-Animal Engineered Meal Information Council, Len Till (pictured), said the industry had been anticipating and preparing for such rules for some time.

“We here at ANAEMIC saw this change coming a long time ago,” Mr Till said. “So all of our members who make plant-based foods will be ready to roll out their existing products with new names.

“For instance instead of calling a plant-based manufactured red meat product ‘beef’ we’ll be labelling it as ‘feeb’.

“Plant-based ‘lamb roast’ will be ‘blam roast’, our ‘pork chops’ become ‘krop chops’. You get the drift.

“So we are well prepared for any changed labelling rules and we don’t see the Senate committee findings as any real threat to our industry,” Mr Till said.

However, other food makers do hold concerns about the impact of new labelling requirements likely to be imposed in the wake of the Senate inquiry’s report.

Organisers of the Royal Queensland Show or Ekka held each year in Brisbane say they have been contacted by the suppliers of meat pies who are worried about the impact of any new rules.

“They have told us that they may need to drop the word ‘meat’ from ‘meat pies’ in any of their on-site promotional displays,” a spokesperson said.