Anger mounts over judges’ call

Were the judges of The Bug’s uncoveted Media Glass House Arse-Licker for December too hasty in suggesting the other day that they’d put down their glasses after deciding an excellent joint piece by the Daily Telegraph‘s James Morrow and Kate Armstrong could not possibly be run down by any other contender?

The answer is yes, indeed, if the volume of criticism of that decision that has flooded in from newsrooms around the country is any guide. And not just News Corp Australia’s newsrooms, either!

And at top of the pack were a number of colleagues of the Brisbane The Sunday Mail columnist Peter Gleeson who anonymously sent in this offering from last weekend.

“Peter’s far too modest to blow his own horn but surely this one was a doozey,” one colleague told us. “I mean, really, it had ‘Written Peter Gleeson for the Liberal Party of Australia’ all over it.”

Said another: “I’ve never seen such as excellent reworking of 1950s xenophobia.”

But one colleague who was prepared to be named had one small criticism while praising Gleeson’s overall contribution. “I would have used ‘domino theory’ at least twice,” Des Houghton told us.

And for their part, the inhouse judges of the Arselicker of the Month award admitted they might have been a tad premature in their recent comments.

“Look, to be fair, any journalists who rated Scott Morrison’s year as an A and then claimed, with nary the slightest sign of a blush, that the PM had ended the year on a high, surely had the trophy in the bag,” the senior judge explained.

“Or so we thought. But, boy oh boy, Peter Gleeson’s contribution has caused a major rethink. It’s game on again!

“We’d run through some of Peter’s gems but our chuck buckets need emptying after our first casual read through.”