UK PM rejects quit calls

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected allegations that he broke COVID-19 pandemic restrictions by joining in banned Christmas celebrations at 10 Downing Street last year.

New photos have emerged of Mr Johnson allegedly attending what eyewitnesses said was a raucous staff party at the PM’s official London residence in December 2020. (main picture)

At the time the UK Government had issued severe and mandatory restrictions on private gatherings in its bid to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

But at a news conference today Mr Johnson dismissed the allegations and opposition calls for him to resign as well as rumblings of discontent within his own Conservative Party about his leadership style.

“I say chaps, and chapettes,” Mr Johnson said. “As Nanny would say: What a wheeze! Hey ho?

“Or at this time of year should I say: Hey ho, ho, ho!” he said, only to be met with stony silence from reporters.

“Righto then. Can I say that these latest claims against me are totally without foundation.

“I know that there are new pictures of me, or alleged photos allegedly of me, that are being circulated by those who want to see me gone from my job.

“Can I make it very clear that those pictures of me, or more correctly those alleged pictures which are allegedly of me – which they aren’t, by the way – clearly show that the event or party in question, if indeed it was an event or party – which it wasn’t, by the way – are totally innocent – which I am also, by the way.

“I was not at the so-called party, if indeed it was a party – which it wasn’t – and if it were a party – which it wasn’t – it would have been totally within the rules we applied at the time.

“So basically chaps, and chapettes, the long and short of it is that if it were a party – which it wasn’t – and if I were at it – which I wasn’t – then it was all totally within the rules – as was I and as was it, the event, or alleged event.

“I do hope that clarifies everything,” Mr Johnson said before ignoring a barrage of questions and tap dancing from the room while humming a medley of Christmas carols.