If the Herald doesn’t care how it looks….


It’s a good question, isn’t it?

And it’s why, quite some time ago, The Bug‘s Media Glass House declared it had given up on trying to shame the subeditors at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald into showing some professional pride when it came to writing headlines across the gutter.

Here’s a refresher. Those subs seemingly have not been capable of caring less about trying to fill out the field on the left-hand page. Many have been happy to cut in half the heading they’ve come up in a nanosecond and set the left half hard left and the right-half hard right leaving more white space in the middle than you’d see on Gina Rinehart’s arse. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

The way the pages looked as a result, we mean. Not Gina Rinehart’s arse! The last thing The Bug needs is to get into costly defo litigation with arguably the world’s richest woman outside of royalty.

It’s always looked terrible – the Herald pages, okay! – and we’ve never understood why those subs haven’t been remotely interested in trying to make their product look nice and professional.

So why are we banging on about it again, then? Well, the example up top from last weekend’s The Sun-Herald is about as bad as it gets so we’re addressing the issue ONE LAST TIME.

Maybe the chief sub at the paper could contact us and explain why the sub – and we’re not going to cop the explanation that they are under-the-pump and overworked – simply didn’t move “after” across to page 12 as we’ve shown below.

There was plenty of room for it. And even if there wasn’t? Rewrite the fucking thing!

And if you’re old fashioned and hate white space like the washed-up old hacks way past their used-by date who write this column? Fill out the right field with “ends”! As in “hellish year ends”. It’s not rocket surgery is it? Simples, in fact.


You’d think a publication called InQueensland could be relied on to know Queensland back to front?

And maybe it does. The sub-editors at the online news source – it’s a bit risky to assume it has sub-editors but that’s not important right now – apparently have no idea that Aspley is a suburb of Brisbane, not 13km north of it.

It probably helped the MGH to pick up this silly error when it has on staff a bitter-and-twisted ex-hack sub who went to Aspley State School in Aspley, a suburb of Brisbane, and Aspley High School in Aspley, a suburb of Brisbane, in another millennium.