Narkily the Herald angle sang

The Bug reckons many of its followers would have been highly critical of the way the mainstream mediocre slavishly and subordinately reported the attempts by Scott Morrison to use the Gladys Berjkikian for Warringah yarn as a dead-cat issue to divert attention from the government’s various woes in the final weeks of parliament.

Let’s face facts. The government had a shocker but each time Smoko or Josh Frydenberg talked up the notion of the ex-NSW premier running in the Mad Monk’s old seat, the MSM played its part in beating up the yarn.

We also guess most of you Buggers out there knew the one basic truth behind this Smoko and Mirrors “look over here!” diversion; that Berejiklian was never going to stand.

And so it has come to pass that the judges of The Bug‘s tweet of the week have unanimously declared the winner to be Alexandra Smith, state political writer for The Sydney Morrison … sorry … The Sydney Morning Herald.

Alexandra dared to go where perhaps older and wise heads would have refused to tread when she defended the way the SMH in particular had covered the issue.

It’s basically true what Alexandra said. “We” – and she maybe referring here to all political scribes across various platforms – simply reported what [Morrison] was saying.”

Over, and over, and over again!

Can we be blunt here? With Christmas looming, a large number of The Bug’s research staff are now on leave so we really can’t properly dissect Ms Smith’s performance throughout this week-long dead-cat exercise.

Maybe she was the only Australian scribe who rang Berejiklian each and every day to get her side of the story. And if she did, good on her! She might also have used a column or two to be critical of Smoko’s diversion that was all so clear to many others not as skilled in political observations as she is. Or to get stuck into his utterly disgraceful attacks on ICAC.

But, boy oh boy, did Ms Smith open up a can of worms with her tweet, We’ll run just two examples, from Bethany Williams @BethanyinCBR and Andrew Clennell @aclennell, the bloke she originally and maybe very unwisely responded to.

Okay, enough of that issue. Here are some other tweets that caught our attention. We loved the way Adam Richard @adamrichard responded to the exciting, hold-the-presses news that The Parrot wanted back onto our lives, supposedly so we can benefit from his political wisdom in the lead up to the federal election.

And Emma @emma_jayne14 gave both Smoko barrels to our PM over his gutless and cowardly reaction to far-right-wingers in his government.

And on the same issue, this cracker – and they generally are – from an old (sorry, Ronni!) favourite, RonniSalt @RonniSalt

And if we had a creative-writing award within the overall weekly tweet competition, it would go to Leo Jai, who returns us to the notion of who will be the Liberals’ candidate in Warringah. A pet unicorn who farts glitter indeed!