More of the read peril

Who says Rupert Murdoch’s News Crap Australia isn’t the chief cheerleader for Morrison Government efforts to deliberately generate a pre-election national security scare over China’s political and geographical manoeuvres?

Check out the front page that this morning greeted readers of its Sydney turdbloid the Daily Telegraph. (main picture)

It carries a yuge… sorry, we lapsed into appropriately Trumpian lingo there. Force of habit. It carries a huge graphic of Chinese leader Xi Jinping on a story about cyber attacks on Australian power stations that allegedly originated in China.

But whoever signed off on the front page before publication missed the subliminal impact of the pointer to a sports story on the start of the Australia v England cricket Test in Brisbane.

Or did they?


Viewers of ABC TV will know that Peter Cundall, former long-time host of its Friday night favourite Gardening Australia, died at the weekend.

The 94-year-old’s family issued the news in a statement which also contained a request that no photos of Cundall be published with any story about the announcement of his death.

Why? Well, who knows? It wasn’t clear from the statement what motivated the request.

Still most media outlets respected the request and complied.

News Crap Australia’s daily turdbloid in Hobart, ran a big front-page story on Cundall’s death, spilling onto page 2. (pictured)

The Mercury didn’t use a snap of the gardening guru but instead illustrated its story with a shot of his old vege patch in Hobart Botanic Gardens which was where he most often fronted the cameras as Gardening Australia‘s host.

But a few of News Crap’s turdbloids elsewhere in the nation ignored his family’s request and ran with pics of Cundall. (pictured)

Why? We don’t know but we do hope it wasn’t just a macho knee-jerk reaction to being asked not to. Surely that wouldn’t happen in Rupert’s empire?


Speaking of the Daily Tele, it’s also been busy fulfilling its apparent contractual obligations as chief PR agency for the Liberal Party of Australia.

If you didn’t know already, Prime Minister Scott Morrison attended the big fossil fuel-fuelled road race at Bathurst at the weekend.

Not an EV in sight, thankfully, otherwise there would have been no weekend, the PM didn’t say. Ever.

But the Daily Tele did more than was required to let its readers know just how good the PM thinks  Bathurst and supercar racing are, and how good he is at giving the thumbs-up sign.

It ran not just one but four pics of him including one on its front page. (pictured)

One snap would have been justified and adequate but four? Maybe it’s a condition of their contract.


Our final item for this edition of the MGH (pictured) comes from our “Didn’t I read that same story just the other day?” file which is reserved for news items that recur with monotonous regularity.

Yes, Peter Foster himself must have a vast collection of stories about his seemingly regular-as-clockwork arrests for allegedly ripping off innocent consumers over several decades.

Our MGH researchers tend to feel a tad sorry for Mr Foster.

The man clearly has some nous, otherwise he couldn’t dream up the many and varied scams that have brought him undone so often.

If only his talents could be applied to good, not evil, as a Mr M Smart might say.

By way of a PS, we’re not sure why the Daily Telegraph ran the big pic of Foster being arrested with his face blurred (clearly an image taken by and distributed by police) as did other outlets, while also including a pic of his unblurred visage.