Strong support for Jones

News reports suggest former radio shock jock and former Sky News “after dark” presenter Alan Jones is being touted as a Liberal Party candidate in the coming federal election. The Bug took to the streets to find out what average voters think of the idea of Jones running in the seat of Warringah.

ALANA JONES – 80, housewife, Sydney

“I think he would be ideal, although it would be a shame to see a man with his oral skills confined to the backbench. He’s destined to be prime minister so he should be given the head job immediately he wins.”

JONAS ALLEN – 80, sports coach, Sydney

“He’d be perfect in the Federal Parliament especially because we need someone with the vision and talent to inspire young Australians and he has an unrivalled track record in fostering young sportsmen and their careers through his hands-on approach and oral skills.”

AL ANJONES – 80, salesman, Sydney

“He certainly has the compassion and sensitivity to be an MP, unlike the current Member for Warringah whose parents, if they aren’t dead already, will no doubt die of shame.”

ANN ALJONES – 80, retired teacher, Sydney

“I think we need someone like Alan to bring a sense of decency and genuine values to public life and discourse. I don’t know why public debate in this country is of such a low standard but certainly the current crop of MPs in Canberra should all be tied in a chaff bag and dumped out at sea.”

ANTHONY ABUTT, 64, dealer in shit, Sydney

“I’d campaign for him, that’s for sure, even if he is a…. whatever the opposite of a shirtfronter is.”

BERIS JIKGLADIAN, 51, retired public servant, Sydney

“I think Alan has had his go on the public stage and any place in our Federal Parliament really should go to someone else. I think it should be a woman with previous experience should serve their time in the big house. Hmm, maybe I should rephrase that.”

SALLY ALLZTEG, 47, community worker, Sydney

“Yes please. Do run Alan. Please.”