Piss taken out of Barnaby

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is likely to be the second-best thing going for Labor at next year’s federal election and for that biased reason alone, The Bug‘s judges simply had to give this contribution from Ian Gale @iggy648 its blue riband tweet of the week sash.

And having a nice dig at the best thing going for Labor at next year’s poll was Catherine (Cate/Cat) Perry @CatPurry9 with her astute observations as to how long it might have taken Smoko to put up a Christmas sign at Kirribilli House.

To be fair to Smoko and his PR team – as we always are – these might be from different festered seasons. After all, a recent pix posted on social mediocre of Smoko swimming 1000 laps was said to be quite old.

Bugsters should by now realise that The Bug‘s judges do love tweets that get a little personal – call it payback for what the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison governments did relentlessly to Bill Shorten on the public purse for years – so we certainly appreciated this one from Kent Parkstreet @thespecialbka as he bid an unsad farewell to the retiring unChristian “I would have been a great prime minister!” Porter.

“…. trying to shag a bit of strange…” indeed! Kent, we do love your work.

Riff Raff @RichardAOB also riffed on Porter’s departure…

While an old (sorry, Ronni!) favourite of ours RonniSalt @RonniSalt was clearly saddened when Education Minister Alan Tudge fell on his pork sword and stepped aside over allegations he kicked his female staffer out of bed at 4am for having the temerity to wake him up. To work, we mean. Not for a pre-dawn hoover. Nevertheless, Ronni was confident an inquiry into the allegations would be balanced, fair… and swift.

And on the subject of family values and their importance to all members of the Liberal and National Parties, Marie @mariewalsh18 offered this….

And to finish off on an entirely different note – and we assume the image is from the United States which seems determined to show the world it is disintegrating quickly into chaotic irrelevance – is this offering from Kon Karapanagiotidis @Kon_K

Fallopians 13:13 indeed.