Liberals scoff at bad poll


Liberal Party heavyweights have played down the latest Newspoll that shows the government’s primary vote softening slightly and Labor continuing to command an election-winning lead.

Released on Sunday night to be downplayed in today’s edition of The Australian, Newspoll shows the LNP government on a primary vote of 36 per cent – down one – with the Labor Party and the Greens unchanged on 38 per cent and 11 per cent respectively.

That boiled down to a comfortable 53-47 two-party preferred lead to Labor.

And the PM’s approval rating has blown out to a negative eight points.

But a spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Australia national secretariat dismissed the figures, saying the polling was undertaken before significant events that would have greatly enhanced both the Prime Minister’s and his government’s standing.

These included social media photos of the PM putting up a Christmas sign at Kirribilli House with his adoring family and footage on Channel 7 of him hooning around Mount Panorama at over 200km/hour with Bathurst legend Mark Skaife in a Ford Mustang.

“These images are going to send the Prime Minister’s approval ratings through the roof and lift the LNP’s primary vote up close to 2019 poll levels,” the spokesperson said.

“I mean, really, he’s got everyone covered here; the rev heads, the bogans, his Christian support base, sporty types who like a drink, just about anyone really who can recognise him as your knockabout best mate, a slightly odd uncle who loves his sport or kindly neighbour who’d never dream of causing you harm.

“I know the PM was particularly chuffed – and heartened – by the robust cheering he could barely hear from the crowds as he completed several laps of the famous circuit. He thought the clapping and cheering got even louder the second time around.”