A heartfelt plea to PK

Patricia Karvelas, stay strong!

That you care deeply about Australia and democracy is undoubted but, please …. please! … don’t let it affect your performance next year when you take over the microphone at RN Breakfast.

In the months leading up to the federal election, try to remain as fair and as balanced as you’ve always been even though your inherent patriotism to, and deep, unfaltering and abiding love for, this country will feed a dreadful temptation to abandon all journalistic principles and do whatever you can to help get rid of Scott Morrison and his dreadful band of bores, braggarts, bunglers, bullies and boozers. Oh, and as of yesterday ….BOOFHEADS!

It’s going to be hard but we know as the ultimate professional you’ll be giving it your best shot.

We fondly remember the first week of the 2019 election campaign when your ABC colleague Barrie Cassidy, the supposedly left/centre moderate and host of Insiders, for some bizarre reason decided he had to join the rest of the mainstream media in trying their best to drag down frontrunner Bill Shorten, as if the whole concept of a fair election was to whittle away at Labor’s lead and create a level playing field from the get-go.

During that week and on that Sunday show, Barrie tried his best to blow out of all proportion an alleged gaffe by Shorten about there being no new taxes above those already announced.

If Shorten wanted to be PM, he’d have to do much better than he had this first week with that shocking misspeak was more or less Barrie’s pitch.

But PK, we remember with enormous fondness and respect what you said on the Insiders couch on that first Sunday.

We’re paraphrasing a bit here but you basically told Barrie to put a sock in it as it really was no biggie as a gaffe. If indeed it was a gaffe at all. Or to use the words of neighbour Yvonne in The Castle: “Get your hand of it, Darryl.”

That’s what you’re going to have to do next year, PK. Grit your teeth, gird your loins, stick fast to the principles of our wonderful craft and give both sides of politics the level playing field they certainly don’t deserve during the 2022 election campaign.

Sure, the temptation is going to be great to try to balance up the shameful, one-sided, shockingly biased support that all of Newscorpse, the Nine Entertainment Co. mastheads, the Australian Financial Review, the shock jocks and sadly, far too many of your Aunty colleagues, are going to give to the Liberal and National Parties.

And we suspect – as you probably do too – that even your ABC chair believes that a fair and balanced Aunty is one that moves at least half-way across to the way Newscorpse does and reports things.

To compound the problem, we know you’re a decent, kind, person so the urge to help rid this nation of the worst government it’s ever suffered under will be powerful and we wouldn’t blame you one bit if you succumbed to it by hammering away at all the dreadful things that have happened these past nine years.

But we trust you, PK. You’re one of the few people left in the mainstream media outside of the Guardian Australia who will be trying their best to adhere to what remains of our craft’s code of conduct.

We just know that you’ll act as an impartial conduit to all sides of politics as they strive to get their messages across, even if that might unwittingly lead to another term for the LNP that would surely represent the deathknell for this nation as a robust social democracy that its citizens, especially the younger folk, could retain some faith in.

So stay fair, PK. Stay balanced and professional as you have always been.

Come election day, we are confident that our faith in you in that regard will remain entirely undiminished.

At least we won’t have you to blame, PK, if by about 10pm on Saturday, May 21, 2022 – after months of gold-standard pork-barreling, hundreds of millions of taxpayer-funded pro-government ads before the poll proper, shameless MSM support for the LNP before and during the campaign and another disgraceful $90 million plus ad spend by the Fat Controller Clive Palmer – many of us might be googling options for emigrating asap to New Zealand.

God bless you, PK, and God bless a balanced and professional public broadcaster for keeping Australian election campaigns as level a playing field as possible to ensure voters can make wise, considered, choices that help keep this country good, strong and stable, that’s for sure, that’s the way, thick and fast, no problem, no problem at all, good strong stable and the rest, my goodness gracious me, yes…..

Don Gordon-Brown