Smoko’s circumcision of history

Prime Minister Scott Morrion’s hilarious take on why convicts on the First Fleet came to Australia captivated the attention – and imagination – of The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week judges.

They were particularly chuffed with Twitterverse pisstakes that used wonderful imagery to debunk our great national leader’s view that all those who waded ashore back in 1788 were “seeking religious freedom”. Yeah, we know. Reeking shit, as you’ll soon read.

So on that basis, the judges couldn’t separate the following offerings from St Mary MacKiller @StMaryMacKiller and Herbert Scrakule @skrakulr

Explaining why they were sparked into action by just using words was Dr Sheep Person aka Underclass Prole @noplaceforsheep whose sharp words made us at least think: if Morrison doesn’t care what putrid muck dribbles out of his mouth, why should we? But luckily we do care, for the nation’s sake, so thanks you Dr Sheep Person etc etc.

Dr Sheep Person etc, etc, also got into a little, very humorous, exchange with Mel en Suisse @mel_giancarlo and the aforementioned Herbert Scrakule @skrakulr

Providing totally different food for thought this past week were Kenny Devine@TheKennyDevine and the wonderfully named Crowbar Jones @gomichild. It will be a crying shame if Smoko forces Crowbar to use his real name as his Twitter handle. Unless, of course, that is his real name. Hmmm.

Another offering that caught the judges’ eyes this week was somewherein84 @somewherein84 who clearly must be a follower of parliamentary Question Time which automatically sparks concerns for her welfare.

Okay, enough fun, already! Let’s sober up with a few serious tweets to end up with.

Andrew P Street @AndrewPStreet summed up beautifully the past parliamentary week with this excellent dose of sarironicasm. Okay, that’s a made-up word but we think it fits.

And Michael Springer @MichaelSpring17 who introduced the words “dog bog” to describe our federal Treasurer. Oh, Joshy Washy, Piddily Poo! Maate! If only you’d sat down beside Bridget instead … but maybe trying to keep the female vote in your electorate onside comes a distant second to brownnosing to your boss?