A black and white choice

Readers of News Crap Australia turdbloids may have notice the return of the page 3 girl.

Today many of Rupert’s daily fishwrappers carry a story in their early “news” pages about a photoshoot featuring “model mum” who, as the story explains, is also married to some football player.

This appears to be sufficient for Rupe’s turdbloids to give a big run to the “news” story about the photoshoot and a pic of a 30-year-old woman in a one-piece swimsuit, including a page one pointer in the case of the Daily Telegraph. (pictured)

Our Media Glass House researchers have examined the “news” story and can’t determine a gram of actual news content that might justify running it.

The story included the fact that the woman had “posed in a one-piece [brand name] swimsuit to celebrate the start of summer on Wednesday.”

It also contained a lot of comments by her about how her body looks now and how it has changed over the years since she had become a mother.

Still not a lot of news there as far as our MGH teams are concerned.

Their verdict is that the “news” story is just a blatant plug for the swimsuit brand whose name we have removed, and that the item ran simply because it featured a pleasant looking female in togs.

It seems News Crap is heading back to the future in a bid to improve circulation, at least among male readers.


By way of contrast, last month News Crap Australia’s Darwin turdbloid the Sunday Territorian featured a story about a young indigenous model and the logistical problems she faced in a photoshoot.

It seems she modelled the clothes on an Arnhem Land beach but the snaps were taken remotely by a photographer isolated because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. (pictured)

Now there is a story with some genuine news in it, even if the story did mention the retailer behind the photoshoot.

But at the time did it make any other News Crap turdbloid?

We think you know the answer.


We begin this item with a declaration, admission, or confession –  take your pick – that the reporters and commentators whose work appears in the pages, or more correctly on the screens, of The Bug occasionally sink to somewhat low levels to describe their feelings towards some of our nation’s political identities.

These descriptions have sometimes consisted of a simple four-letter word beginning with C. And it’s not always “cock”.

We believe that our readers – or for some stories we publish, our reader – are old and mature enough to cope with such colourful lingo.

But what are the rules for mainstream media outlets who bill themselves as “family” newspapers?

Take for instance a column penned for today’s edition of News Crap Australia’s daily Sydney  turdbloid the Daily Telegraph by NSW Police Minister David Elliott. (pictured)

Mr Elliott makes it plain in his op-ed that he disagrees with former PM Paul Keating’s recent critique of the government of NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.

While those of us outside the centre of the world, ie: Sydney, are unaware of Mr Keating’s comments, Mr Elliott clearly took umbrage.

His column explains that in his formative years growing up under the Keating Government he never thought much of the then PM or his policies. He uses his column to set out for readers all the reasons he still doesn’t like PJK and especially does not appreciate the ex-PM’s regular interventions in public debates.

He ends his op-ed with the line: “In short Paul Keating was a complete prick and it took John Howard a decade to fix his mess.”

Readers might well ask if Mr Elliott really has a good argument if that’s the best he can do and whether anyone at the Tele asked him to summarise his thesis in more family-friendly terms.


Readers would know that there has been a lot of debate about the recent comments on China by Defence Minister Peter Dutton with many viewing them with alarm as a risky pre-election tactic to whip up a scare campaign by employing provocative language against a huge military power.

The end result, so the theory goes, is that wavering voters will opt for security and vote back the Morrison Government.

Of course that relies on Australia still existing by election day and not having been flattened by a Chinese nuclear missile or two, or three… hundred.

The other rival theory is that Dutton is doing the right thing by pointing out Chinese political and territorial aggression. That he is not an undead, far-right, cavalier, opportunistic, ex-copper political thug, but a true statesman of Churchillian status.

Which brings us to Peta Credlin who openly labelled Dutton’s comments as blatant vote-sucking election tactics in her weekend column run in News Crap turdbloids across the nation. (pictured)

Although she ignores the real risks involved, Ms Credlin clearly identifies his comments as a manoeuvre to wedge Labor on national security.

So while elsewhere in the Murdoch media universe others may try to defend Dutton and deny his comments have the most venal motivations, at least Ms Credlin has exposed the truth.


Finally, thanks to the Gold Coast Bulletin for helping readers pronounce the name of the latest variant of the COVID-19 virus. (pictured)

It may not be the official World Health Organisation pronunciation or indeed the same as most media outlets use, but it helps.

And some kind advice to whoever wrote that heading: you’re still looking for three headings if you want to enter the Walkleys.