Wu hedges his bets

The Media Glass House appreciates that journos sometimes have to hedge their bets – apply a certain degree of caution, if you like – in reporting matters but we at the MGH do think The Sydney Morning Herald‘s cricket writer Andrew Wu could have thrown that caution to the wind in his online yarn this morning.

Reporting on Tim Paine’s decision to take an immediate break from cricket for the “foreseeable future”, Wu in his opening paragraphs managed to throw in “all but ruling him out of the start of the Ashes and casting extreme doubt over his future in international cricket”.

“It is quite likely now that Paine will not play any part in Australia’s defence of the urn this season,” Wu added.

Now, “foreseeable future” may not be indefinite but we’ve tried to measure it via a water-cooler discussion at The Bug HQ and the general consensus is that it’s quite some time. Those of you out there who can foresee Christmas – or even next Easter – will appreciate what we’re getting at here.

Whoever wrote the standfirst for Andrew’s piece cottoned on to his uncertainty. Maybe both are Paine fans who hold out hope that the gloveman will play in the Gabba Test on December 8.

Maybe we at the MGH haven’t got the gist of Andrew’s piece right but our best guess is that Paine now has as much chance of playing in the Ashes series as Scott Morrison has of being entirely truthful at his next media conference or in a Question Time answer.


Is The Sydney Morning Herald ashamed of its own political pollster?

For at least the second month running, the paper has published the results of its Resolve Political Monitor poll only online – on Tuesday morning this time round – and not in the hardcopy newspaper the same day.

The monthly poll is conducted for the Nine Entertainment Co. mastheads – the SMH and The Age – by Resolve Strategic and there’s no way it couldn’t be conducted and collated in time for a big print splash. And when the RPM poll started some months ago, that use to be in the Monday print-edition SMH.

Giving David Crowe some online space on Tuesday morning and then not covering the poll until Wednesday’s print edition makes the MGH think the paper doesn’t rate the poll highly or maybe they just like printing yesterday’s news tomorrow.

Hey, “Yesterday’s News Tomorrow” could well replace “Independent. Always” under the masthead!

Embarrassment could also be a factor because any poll that could have the LNP enjoying a four-point turnaround in its primary vote after the month they’ve had is probably not worth the paper it wasn’t written on in Tuesday morning’s SMH fishwrapper.

OOH WAH!!! When the SMH finally got around to covering the RPM poll in Wednesday’s hard-copy issue, it couldn’t resist a big, big porky at the end of the splash: that the poll was conducted exclusively for the SMH. It wasn’t.