We’re waiting, Johannes

Our Media Glass House teams are wondering if and when we all might see a public apology from Johannes Leak, editorial cartoonist for Rupert Murdoch’s national broadshit The Australian.  

Our MGH researchers are accustomed to Leak’s pedestrian and predictable right-wing offerings which fit perfectly with all the other pedestrian and predictable right-wing offerings that infest the pages of Rupe’s loss-making Liberal Party newsletter.

Most of Leak’s colleagues practising the noble craft of summing up big issues in a few pen strokes can always seem to offer a fresh, insightful, and amusing perspective on any given issue.

By contrast, Leak seems to always fall back on sketching something anti-Labor, anti-Greens as well as anti-greens – in fact anti-anything vaguely progressive let alone left wing. And don’t get us started on his works ridiculing the very idea of climate change.

His blatantly pro-Liberal cartoons reached new heights, or depths, earlier this week with the offering below.

As you can see, Leak ignores the fact – and we stress the word “fact” – that the Prime Minister of Australia is a gold-standard liar.

Instead, his cartoon attempted to cast Labor leader Anthony Albanese and his colleagues as the ones telling lies. Goebbels would be proud.

Unfortunately for Leak, the cartoon was published in Monday’s edition of The Australian.

Just hours after it appeared Morrison was caught out telling another big lie – this time about his contact with Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese before heading off for his infamous Hawaiian holiday while the nation burned.

But what the PM said was a lie. He told a lie to Albo’s face. He told Albo WHERE he was going. He had no qualms about lying in our Federal Parliament where there are strict rules about knowingly and deliberately making misleading statements.

It was Albo’s objections to the attempted lies that forced the PM to later get to his feet in the parliament to “add to an answer” – in other words correct his lie.

So you can see why our MGH teams are waiting patiently for Mr Leak to apologise to Albo and Labor.

If you are also waiting for the apology, our MGH researchers have a hint to help you. Don’t hold your breath.


The News Crap Australia campaign to destroy the ABC continues. As if you need to be told.

The latest shot against our national broadcaster was fired earlier this week by James Morrow writing in the Sydney turdbloid the Daily Telegraph about the supposed unfairness of forcing people who don’t watch the ABC to pay for it through their taxes. (pictured)

Mr Morrow, also as you may know, moonlights on Sky News so you’ll have some idea of what point of view he brings to the table on the ABC.

To fully explain the legitimacy of his anti-ABC story it was based on a survey by the Institute of Public Affairs.

Well, let’s just stop there shall we? MGH readers will certainly know what credibility the survey, the story, and Mr Morrow have once they sight those three magic letters I, P and A.


Recently our MGH researchers exposed (yet again) the anti-Labor bias of our national broadshit The Australian which ran a front-page story about trade union plans to pressure the Labor Party into backing calls for a review of IR laws to lift wages.

The headline on the story (pictured) was written deliberately to stoke fears of a union-dominated Labor federal government despite the fact, as our MGH pointed out, unions were calling on both Labor and the Coalition to take action.

It didn’t take long for the Opposition to reject the unions’ calls, probably as part of its small-target strategy leading up to the federal poll.

But The Oz wasn’t to be disappointed. Soon after Anthony Albanese unveiled Labor -sponsored legislation aimed at ensuring workers engaged through labour-hire firms are paid the same as mainstream employees doing the same work.

In releasing the Bill, the Opposition Leader challenged the PM Scott Morrison to support the law.

But what did The Oz use as its headline? Of course it focussed on a “clash” between Labor and business. (pictured)

Don’t be surprised to see that heading featuring in a montage in Liberal Party ads come the campaign.