Is Lisa Millar’s career rooted?


Is “rooted” a swear word? And if so, is Lisa Millar’s career as a TV news anchor rooted as well?

This are the questions my spies at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation tell me Aunty’s top administrators are addressing at a nationwide emergency zoom meeting taking place right now.

The meeting was sparked by a comment by Millar just after the start of today’s News Breakfast program at 6am.

Accompanied on the couch by cohost Michael Rowland and finance reporter Madeleine Morris, Millar bemoaned all the bad news besetting the nation at the moment, ending with the observation that supply chains “were rooted”.

Here’s how it unfolded:

Madeleine: “I have good news for you this morning.”

Michael (seeing Lisa’s reaction): “Why do you think finance is bad news, Lisa?

Lisa: “Stuff’s going up. House prices are going up…

Madeleine: “We can’t get anything in the shops…”

Lisa: “Supply chains …. are rooted.”

Miachael: “They’re what?”

Madeleine: “Well, it is Thursday.”

Now I’m not aware of what the outcome of this morning’s high- level ABC meeting will be but a check of the dictionary definition of “rooted” might suggest Lisa can get away with saying that.

I must confess I thought “rooted” had very sexual connotations. Back in my wild-oats-sowing days as a young blade, I cracked onto a bird in the Empire Hotel in Brisbane when I was the television critic at the Daily Sun.

Well, back at my flat I went at her like a jackhammer on steroids all night and I remember looking at her in dawn’s first light as she slowly recovered from her fourth la petite mort if you’ll excuse the French and I thought to myself: ‘Now there’s a young filly that’s been well and truly rooted’.

But I digress, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Lisa’s future is not at risk here. She’s a sweet country girl from Gympie who has turned out to be one of the fairest, most balanced journalists I’ve ever come across.