Novel attracts top award nods


A work of political fiction, Resolve Political Monitor, has been nominated overnight for two top national literary gongs: the Miles Franklin Literary Award and the ABC Fiction Book of the Year honour.

The work, penned by emerging novelist Resolve Strategic, has been serialised over recent months in Nine Entertainment Co. mastheads The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

In today’s instalment, a fictional federal government that’s had an absolute horror run over the past month and should be really on the nose with voters miraculously improves its primary vote from 37 to 39 per cent while the nation’s opposition drops from 34 to 32 per cent.

“When I first started to sketch an outline for Resolve Political Monitor way back when, I saw it as a comedy-drama and that’s how it’s turned out,” Resolve told The Bug this morning.

“And the more farfetched the story has become over time, the more the public seem to be warming to it.

“So it’s an absolute honour to have garnered these two prestigious award nominations.”

Reviewing the latest instalment in today’s SMH, book critic David Crowe lauded the author’s creativity and ingenuity.

“I’ve been enjoying the book’s twists and turns immensely over recent months but Resolve always manages a swift plot redirection – a fresh and devious hook – that gets you in and makes this an absolute page-turner.

“The very idea that this fictional government of his could enjoy a four-point turnaround in primary votes over the opposition over a pretty horrible month had me chuckling for hours afterwards.

“I’ve begged Resolve to tell me what happens next but he claims he has never had a defined plot structure in mind and in fact makes it up as goes along.”

“I could actually believe that.”

The Bug understands Resolve is now working on a novel about a fictional political leader who wins a fresh term in government against all odds. Its working title is The Miracle Worker.