The Oz banks on bingo

Rupert Murdoch has gone back to his roots by drafting plans for a bingo competition to be run in his national broadshit The Australian.

A formerly long-running and popular feature employed to build circulation of News Corp turdbloids in Australia and the UK, the bingo concept has never before been applied to what is meant to be a serious broadshit such as The Australian.

Sources within News Corp Australia say the new game will allow readers to go online and lodge bets via a “bingo card” to predict which regular columnists in the paper’s next online edition will attack the ABC.

For example, the online edition of The Australia from a few days ago ran its usual promotion for six columnists with three bagging out the national broadcaster. (pictured)

“It’s a simple concept and one which readers should like because they know that every day at least one columnists will be ripping shreds off the ABC,” the source said. “So there’s a chance to win every day.”


Cricket Australia directors are split over its decision to retrospectively and posthumously dismiss the legendary Sir Don Bradman because of allegations of lettersexing made against him.

“We’ve had a complaint to the board from a member of the public drawing to our attention to letters Sir Don wrote to a woman in Australia while he was leading the famous ‘Invincibles’ tour of the UK in 1948,” a CA source said.

“Lexicographers we engaged to examine the letters say that allowing for euphemisms current at the time, it is plain that in the letters Sir Don was expressing what can best be described as his unmistakable intention to engage in vigorous sexual activity with the woman on his return to Australia.

“Most CA directors back the decision to dismiss Sir Don although several have have pointed out that the woman receiving the letters was his wife Jessie whom he had married in 1932.

“Whether the letters were welcomed or acceptable to her is difficult to determine so many years later but the majority of CA directors feel we need to err on the side of caution, especially after the Tim Paine cover-up,” the CA source said.

The source said CA Australia would also be writing to the Bradman Museum at Bowral suggesting they remove the letters from their public display where the original complainant had read them.


The Macquarie Dictionary has named its “in” word for 2021 – and it will come as no surprise to most people.

The buzz word of the year is Scottie /skɒti/ noun, a popular slang term meaning to tell a deliberate untruth.